Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mi Chango

"He's a wild man!" said Doc Brainard 8 years ago today.  They were the first words my son ever heard in this world.

Tyson screamed and flailed his arms and legs in furious protest at his birth.  Slippery lil sucker.  Apparently he preferred the womb, which I imagine is warm and cozy and you can swim around in there.

T-bone is a wild man still. With a gentle heart.

The ladies LOVE him. The boys all want to be his pal.  Adults respect him.  I adore him. 

I took him a birthday Happy Meal for lunch today.  Distributed twinkies and juice boxes to all the munchkins in his class.  Sat and let them bombard me with 2nd grade humor.  Fun.

Hey Tyson's Mom!  You're the BEST! 

Can we have TWO twinkies? 

My dog is gay.

My dad farts really loud in his sleep. 

You're really pretty and extremely intelligent.

Ok.  So I made up that last one, but the farting was not my invention.  For reals.

It's a Happy Meal.

I talked to his long-haired dude teacher for a lil while.  (I volunteer every other Friday in his class to ensure Mr. Long Hair is extra cool with my kid.  I do that with all the teachers.)

Mr. Long Hair is a super chill, cool guy with a sense of humor.  He gets that T is a rambunctious lil man with a short attention span.  Teachers like him are invaluable.  Wish they got paid better. 

"Tyson is a comedian.  His humor exceeds his age group.  I know I shouldn't laugh in class when he blurts things out, but I can't help it.  He's hilarious," said Teach.

"I'm the class clown!" said T-Bone.

"No.  You're the class comedian.  There's a difference," said Dude.

Then they proceeded to quote Napolean Dynamite back and forth.

"Gimme some of your tots..."

And something about Nunchuck Skills and Lygers and Tina...

In a recent convo Mr. Teacher Man told me he used to be Mormon until he turned 18.

"Huh.  Well.  All the cool kids are Mormon," said I. 

"All the best kids in the school are Mormon," said he.

Interesting, no? 


T-Bone got a new outfit to wear to school on his special day.  Check it, baby.  Wut up, G??

"I feel like the cool kid in the outfit!" he said.  "I love my purple shoes and chango shirt."

"Only the very COOLEST dudes in the world can get away with wearing purple shoes and a chango shirt," said I. 

We enjoyed ice cream cake as a fam after school.

Then we took Ty to pick his own gift at Target. 

"Where do you want to go for dinner?  You can pick anywhere," I said.

"Golden Corral."

"Of all the places in town you choose GOLDEN CORRAL? Why?"

"Because it's a really fancy place and their mac and cheese is AWESOME!"

When we had our fill of Mac n Cheese we played DUDES IN FOODS.

I invented that game.

The wrestling dudes he picked for his birthday had to tromp through muddy swamp lands (chocolate cake) and swim in icey oceans (my water glass) in order to kick the crap outta the bad guys.

I clearly need a manicure.

My boy is my heart.  He caresses my face when he knows I'm tired or sad.  He hugs me tight and tells me he loves me every single day.  He kisses my cheeks and mouth and then sighs with contentment.  He fills me to over-flowing with generous little boy Love. 

I can't believe God trusts me with this spectaular human.  I'm so blessed to be Mama to my tiny man.

I am so in Love with my son I can hardly stand it!   Be still my heart.