Thursday, November 11, 2010


I threw $3.00 in the washing machine tonight.  When I pulled out those $3.00 they were in tatters.

This is what the $3.00 looked like before they were washed.

Do you see how hot I think I am wearing $3.00?

Mmmk.  The Universe plays tricks on vain people.

I thought about modeling the shredded version but this is a family blog...

 I mean, I don't let my kids read half the stuff I write but I don't judge you if you do...   

Today was the Savers 50% Off sale.  EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 50% OFF AND ON!!!  I know, right?! *screams and hyperventilates a little* 

The tag on that crappy sweater SAID $6.00.  But when you SUBTRACT half of that $6.00 you only pay $3.00! 

...And then your sweater falls apart in the wash even though you had big plans for said sweater.  You hoped you could maybe be buried in that sparkly, gold wonderland... Or at least wear it with a super sexy, slim pencil skirt and heels...  It's ok. The sweater and I were just not meant to be... *sighs wistfully*

I gave each of my children an $8.00 budget.  $8.00 is a GOLD MINE at the Saver's Sale.  (Items from Savers generally don't disinegrate when met with soap and water.)

I forced Maya, against her will, to purchase her very first L.R.D. (on my dime, of course.).

"I hate it!" she said.  "I hate red dresses! I'm a Tom-Girl!"

"The term is Tom-Boy," I said.

"That's stupid.  I'm not a boy.  I won't wear that dress!"

"Then I will never feed you again," I said. 

I like to use psycho psychology on my children and also threaten to starve them if they don't abide by my wishes.

I continued.  "The dress is $2.50.  I'm buying it.  Now hold it so I can take your picture."

Do you see that look of blatant defiance?  She'll never wear it.

Maybe I can squeeze into it.

THIS is what $3.00 looks like before it's washed.

I have high hopes for these $3.00.

Advancing my laundry has never been so exciting.  I'll keep you posted.