Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boycott Amazon

I was runnin' on a readmill at the gym and watching CNN.  I was calm and collected.

Then I saw a man that made my blood run cold.  A pedophile has written a nasty book.  A guide, if you will, to appeal to the "better side of the pedosexual."

Pedophile guide  (check him out here)

Seeing his face made me want to grab him by the throat and beat his head against the wall.  I felt violent rage.

I became so upset I thought I might lose my dinner.  I felt SICK!  The fact this evil is allowed to exist at all is disgusting and wrong.  But a private sector allowing this perversion to be sold easily is a travesty.

I have decided to BOYCOTT Amazon until the book is pulled.

I'm so pissed I'm shaking!

Tell me what you think about this!  Sound off!