Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Anonymous, Karma is a Witch

Dear Anonymous Oct. 29, 2010 4:01 pm,

I write this letter as a warning to you.  I fear for your well being.

I had a dream, Anonymous. 

I saw you.  Not your face.  I could not see your face.  But it was you.  You were at your computer swallowed in a haze of Malice. 

I felt your intent to harm accutely.  It hurt my heart to see the meanness in yours.

I have tried, to no avail, to explain to my readers I have had a very hard year.  My depression has been situational.  Before this year I was a happy, strong person.  People came to me for strength, a good laugh and a kind word.

The high energy and enthusiasm I exhibit in happy posts is what has always come naturally since childhood.

You have not understood my message.

I normally would not give someone like you so much attention, which is clearly what you want.  But you attacked my sister in your nasty little comment and Link.  I won't have that.

In my dream I saw the essence of you. 

Karma came to me in a the form of a Witch.  I asked her what I might do to avenge my sister.

Karma smiled and said, "I will visit your Anonymous friend."

Then she showed me a vision in which you suffered extreme mood swings due to events beyond your control. 

"The degree to which malice is felt and shown is the degree to which I avenge the wronged," she said.

You have been warned.

Happy Halloween.


Crystal The Pistol