Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Law

Do you know how fast you were going, Ma'am?

License and registration, please.

Have you consumed any alcoholic beverages this evening?

Can I have some?

It's been a crazy day full of Halloween fun.

I volunteered in Kinder for the Big Spooky Bash. 

I got to run the worms and dirt center, which consists of these ingredients:

My center was THE COOLEST 'cause it was messy and delicious and whenever a child bit into a gummy worm I would pretend it was screaming for it's life in my best gummy worm voice,

"Nooooo!  Please don't eat meeeeeee! Ahhhhhhh!"

The voice actually seemed to make the children more aggressive in regards to the worm.  They snarled and tore their helpless worm heads off with their teeth.  Those worms were MURDERED by vicious children pretending to be professionals. 

I don't believe that man has EVER been medical school!

I enjoyed watching the class go from mildly excited to supremely wound-up, sugar Monsters.  Every child was sent home in a sugar induced frenzy.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, MOM!

That's me with the whole class.

Then I got ready for the Mormon Trunk-Or-Treat Party.  Trunk-Or-Treat is where Mormons either allow their children out on halloween night or they shove them in the trunk of their car and leave them there until the festivities have subsided.  Sabbath Day observance is VERY important to us.

Here was the play by play of squeezing into my costume: 

Pic #1  Do you see the height difference with and without the boots?  It made folks nervous,as I was a towering Amazon Woman tonight.  I quite enjoyed it.

Pic#2 &3  Putting the boots on is a dangerous endeveour.  I feared snapping my ankle right in half but sometimes you have to sacrifice for things that are important in life, ya know?  I then put on a pointless belt.  And found my main accessory: The Husband.  What's a cop without someone to police?  Hmmm?  A very sad Officer indeed...

My boots were a hit and even though I could only walk in them for short distances before losing my balance and clinging to random passersby, It was worth it!

Every year in the past I have convinced my family to dress up with me and portray a theme.  They all rebelled against me, except my husband.  He knows when he is agreeable to my lunacy he will be richly rewarded.  He ain't no dummy.

Tyson was a my lil Gas Man.  Serena was a vampire and convinced her friend, Emma to be her hapless victim.  Maya was a half-hearted pirate. And Bella was a hobo.

Bella said, "I would like to be a homeless person for Halloween.  We are in a recession and many people have lost their homes.  I would like to represent that fact."

As a result she recieved many treats from the Mormons at the party and was the only child who escaped being locked in the trunk of a car.

Anything you say can and will be used against you...

But you should totally comment anyway...