Saturday, August 21, 2010

Laura Poll

So I have my very own Single White Female scenario here.

If you are new to my blog please scroll through comment rooms of recent posts and note comments made by one Laura With a Gun to Her Head.

Let me be clear that she is a stranger to me and will remain so.

I am tiring of her antics.  How do YOU feel?

In order to remove idiotic posts I would have to screen ALL comments and the purity of my mission here would be compromised.  I loathe the idea.


P.S.  This is not a real actual post with creativity in mind.  I will post something better later.  I am in an extremely crappy mood due to STUFF I'm dealing with in The Real World and have the inclination to throw valuable breakables at the wall. 

I will, however, go out with my brother tonight and sing Karaoke in my super-skinny-I-have-no-circulation-in-my-legs-which-impedes-my-thought-process Jeans and Leopard print stilettos.  I expect a lift in Spirit.

I have included a random picture of me texting someone last night to keep you company whilst I am away.  Have a good evening, ya'll!