Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet My Bro. His Name Is Joe.

Joe made me get up at 6am today to go on a hike.

He texted, "Sleeping in is for the lazy and unimaginative."

UGH!!! FINE!!!!!!

As you can see, Joe is ridiculously good looking.  I enjoy watching women become blathering idiots around him.  They get downright SILLY.  Giggling and blushing and tossing their hair like FOOLS .  He completely ignores the attention. 

We went out to the middle of the desert to hunt for Petroglyphs.

He researched Petroglyphs on Google Earth and WE FOUND THEM!!  LOTS of them!!!!

This one is my fave.  It's a man (in case you can't tell).

Joe was VERY excited about the glyphs and kept gesturing wildly,


As we hiked we laughed.  I can't repeat the vast majority of what was said in polite company.     HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Then I started singing the theme from Cops... "BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS WHAT YA GONNA DO?  WHAT YA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?"

We both did stupid dances as we walked.

Everytime I tried to be serious he would make me laugh so hard I would double over and GASP.

It was a great day.