Friday, August 20, 2010


So my new blog friend named Yoel (which I'd bet my left knee is not actually his real name) made a suggestion on my Smurf post.  It was not a malicious suggestion. 

He merely wondered if I couldn't spice things up here at Pistol Land by divulging a seedy secret or two and maybe starting an illicit affair with The Pool Boy. 

I started mentally going through my arsenol of deep dark secrets and vacillated between which ones I should share in order to appear more SEXY.

SEX SELLS, you know...

But what I do know of SEXY?  NOT MUCH.  It's really not my thing.  When I stare wantonly into the camera I'm actually just thinking about chocolate cheese cake, nothing more.

Nobody I know would refer to me as SEXY.  So let's just move on, shall we?

Let's pretend I had some nasty, sexified little jems to share.

Let's pretend I shared them.

Then what??


Exposure is the most UNSEXY thing I can think of!

The poor misguided women who divulge every sulty move they have ever made ARE PLAYED OUT! 

The ladies that show their boobies on the internet and in public parking lots ARE PLAYED OUT!

Sure.  Men will take a gander and have a fleeting fantasy or two, but then they have been there and seen that.  Then they say, what next?  I'M BORED.

True POWER, Ladies, lies in the brilliant eyes of a woman in Love.  NOT in the frothing mouth and gyrating hips of a woman IN HEAT.

Yoel said he wanted to see Depth of Character.  Hmmmm.  I believe sharing too much shows Shallow of Character.

We ALL have secrets.  Some are big.  Some are small.  I choose to keep mine and let you wonder.

P.S.  I WILL share, however, that I am completely NAKED under my clothes... ;)