Sunday, August 22, 2010


The night life on Tucson's 4th Ave is BANGIN'!

At 2am I found myself outside a gay bar with my brother (who will not allow me to post anymore pics of him) .  They bar was closing and all the partrons were heading out.  I made friends with these lovely young ladies. 

My brother said, "Let's see your sexy faces for this shot!"  This was it.

Then two sweet young bucks asked if I wanted to watch them make out.

I shrugged.  "Aight.  Go for it," said I.  (They were gonna do it anyway...)

They proceeded to do their thing then ran off giggling.

Huh.  Interesting.

It was a new experience for me to witness such a thing first hand.

I wonder why they would do that?  Never in my life have I asked someone to watch ME makeout with my significant other.  Were they going for shock value?  I wasn't shocked. Neither was my bro.  We just shrugged and kept walking.  Perhaps the novelty?  Maybe the lifestyle is new to them.  Who knows.
Next subject.

Karaoke, BABY!

I sang.  Nay.  I ENTERTAINED!  I shook my booty pretty hard, engaged the audience and LOVED EVERY SECOND!

I made a point of talking to everyone in the joint.  (This is how one makes friends, you see.)  The chick below is Melissa.  I'll probably never see her again.  Everyone say goodbye to Melissa...


Singing makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  It doesn't even matter if I SUCK! 

does singing make YOU happy?  I'll bet it does. 

I sing everywhere I go.  Grocery store.  Church.  Denny's.  (I'm pretty sure the people love it.)

Hey! Let's you and I go sing some Karake sometime!!  Yeah!  Just me and YOU!  Ok.  That settles it!  We are SO going!