Friday, August 13, 2010


You heard of Steven Slater?  The media is calling him The Hero of the frustrated. 

Steven is a flight attendant.  A passenger was rude to him.  Steven returned the favor by literally saying F$%K YOU! to said passenger, grabbing two beers and removing himself from the plane on the tarmac.

Steven had had ENOUGH.

Folks are singing his praises.


Because folks have had enough.

Writing this blog has given me some very interesting insight regarding the current climate of our nation.  It's unbearably HOT and uncomfortably SWEATY.


Single people are pissed they have not found that special someone. 

Married people are pissed their special someone is a constant disappointment (because we all want perfect spouses but none of us actually ARE perfect spouses, are we?)

Divorced people are pissed because they now realize the grass is never greener.

Illegal Mexicans are pissed because their luck has run out

White people are pissed because they get all red and blotchy in the sun instead of procuring a nice sold tan.

Everybody is broke.

This week I forked out hundreds of dollars to WalMart for school supplies.  I literally thought I might puke with the stress of trying to budget the expense.  I was PISSED!


I see why everyone has had enough.

So what do folks DO when they are angry?

They comment anonymously online.  They rant and vent their frustrations by belittling others because they know they will never be held accountable.  Once they have projectile vomited rage on they feel better for a time.  Someone ELSE has absorbed the shock of their anger.

People have become selfish, unkind, disrespectful cowards that masquerade as Best Friends trying to illicit a negative reaction. 

It saddens me.

When people disrespect me and my writings with senseless malice and vengeful hatred  I generally try to soothe the perpetrator.  I exhibit as much pateince as I can muster.

"Lay down your weapon, my friend,"  I say.

Or I try to remind that my feelings are as REAL as their own. 

What I'd LIKE to do is Pull a Steven Slater and scream F*&K YOU! while grabbing two beers and gettin' the hell outta Dodge.

But what good would THAT do?  In recent news, Steven Slater wants his job back.  YEAH!  I KNOW, RIGHT?!

We cannot escape this crappy economy or the people and situations in our lives that inspire us to mentally scream obscenities and mentally throw expensive china against the wall and manually drown our sorrows in vats of generic ice cream because premium ice cream is too expensive.

Why don't we all just take a deep breath.

Go ahead.  BREATHE.  Inhale.  Hold it.  Exhale.

Lay down your weapon, my friend.