Saturday, August 14, 2010


Cleaning super sucks.

 When I clean the kitchen I SANG.  I bang pots together and dance and laugh.

Patsy Cline moves me.

There is very little in life I can control.  But I control the music that comes out my mouth.

Music is my Magic.  Music in my bare feet and house dress with a scrubbing sponge in my hand heals what's broken.

Singing takes it away.  The notes escape my lips and with them all the negativity of the day.  All the stress and pain and fear.

I am the Desperado.  I been climbin' fences for so long now.  I'm a hard one.  I got my reasons.
I don't care if I'm sharp or flat.  If I'm just under the note I'm just grateful for the note itself.  I see it above me and reach.

I'm not tryin' to go Platinum here.  I juss need the music in my soul to be released.

PS  I realize I posted the same vid twice but I can't figure out how to delete the stupid thing.  i guess I'm really gonna drive that whole Desperado thing home...