Saturday, July 3, 2010


In the pic above I'm doin' a Fish Puzzle cuz I happen to really dig Fish Puzzles.

I'm a pretty crafty chick.  I'm not gonna lie. 

I LOVE to sew up cute hair thingies and funky chunky belts and skirts and whatever crazy image comes into my pea brain.

Today I hung out at Ilah's place.  She is Sydni's sister.  She's got SEVEN kids... hers, his and ours.  Their house is where it's AT, baby.  The fun never ceases.

Ilah's man, Spencer, is crafty too.  He made me THE sweetest bracelet out of galvanized steel.  Totally unique and supa' fly.

Check it out.  He'll make YOU one for $20.  But I get mine fo' FREE!!  Yes!!

I poked the hell outta my fingers today creating fabic roses of all colors and sizes.  I then stabbed my fingers some more as I attached the roses to metal hairclips.

The result is a GIDDY CRYS and a Gaggle of Gorgeous Girls. 

I'm SUPER EXCITED about how well my roses turned out!  The girls LOVED them!  I'm totally gonna make MORE.  In every color of the flippin' rainbow. 

I sewed for five hours without moving.  My eyes were seriously buggin' out my head by day's end.