Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ummmm.... Mmmk... ? (and The Obamas)

Through the MIRACLE that is Facebook, I met up with a friend today.


When she moved from Tucson I thought I'd never see her again.

 My stat on FB was like, I'm in Idaho.  Home of potatoes and my In-laws.

Lindsey was like, Oh let's meet up!

So we did and I'm soooo grateful. 

She was like,  "I feel like I know you and your family so well because I read pretty much all your blogs... They are SO funny!".

I felt really self-important and famous.  Thanks Lindsey. :)

Lindsey hit me up to a phenomenon of which I was not aware.

I have a special treat for all of you today.  You're gonna LOVE it.  Ready?

I met Linsdey at a park with water shooting straight up out of the concrete.  Some kiddies enjoy running through the cool, refreshing waters.  Others enjoy SITTING on the water that shoots straight up with great force.

Still other kids enjoy the H2O shooting directly UP THEIR SHORTS!

At first Lindsey and I thought it was just a Boy Thing... But Noooooope...

Lindsey and I were simply DELIGHTED by this fortitious turn of events.  We laughed with wild abandon.

Luckily, my kids are still too naive and sheltered to get the joke.  They just looked confused at the goings on.

I then stole her child and added him to the other six children my husband and I had in tow.  We went to the nearest public pool.

I read the paper as I pretended to watch them swim. (Relax there were plenty of teen lifeguards pretending to watch them swim too...)

I'm really PISSED that The Obamas are spending inordinate amounts of MY TAX MONEY to sue MY STATE!  MORONS!!!!!!  (At first I typed MORMONS!!! but that was a mistake...). 

Where was I ?  Oh yeah.  MORMONS!!!!



do I keep DOING THAT?


I mean MORMON!

(The majority of Mormons are good, solid, well-educated folks.  Me excluded... Obviously...)

The Obamas are spending money on NOTHING.  If I have to shop at Ross instead of Nordstom because of this wretched economy, I believe those Obamas should suffer too!  They shouldn't be throwing money around for a cause that is really no cause AT ALL! Are they gonna offer amnesty?  NO.  Are they gonna open The Borders? NO. Racial profiling will exist with or without the current law!  It already does!

I mean, I'm Mexican and I get pulled over CONSTANTLY!  Nevermind the fact I'm a speed demon and sometimes Cali Stop at intersections.

I KNOW I'm being profiled because I'm BROWN.  Especially now that it is summer and I am sporting a really great tan which will later morph into cancerous lesions.

Quit spending my money, you Obamas!