Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pissed Off Mama Mountain Lion


Usually I force myself to find The Funny in rude or hurtful comments from readers.  Let it roll off my back, ya know?

Sarah Palin likes to refer to powerful women leaders as "Mama Grizzlies".  I prefer Mountian Lions.

People that leave hateful anonymous comments are clearly in need of attention.  Maybe their mommies didn't nurse them when they were babies...  Sad...  Not enough time at their momma's teat...  WAH! WAH! WAH!

Others have life/blog rage and want someone else to absorb the shock induced from their lack of emotional control.


That's the comment from yesterday's post that has my blood boiling.

I am a highly intelligent, attractive and educated woman.  I speak two languages.  I am capable of selling ice to Esquimos.  I have checked my facts.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Given those qualifications WHY would I not be an active contributor to the Gross National Product?


I sacrifice the accolades of man.  I sacrifice the fat pay check I KNOW I'm capable of earning.  I sacrifice.

I sacrifice for my 4 babies.  I sacrifice MY DESIRES for success and recognition so I can be a mother to my children.

When my children get sick in the middle of a school day they know Mama will rescue them in 5 minutes flat.  When Serena comes home in tears because the girls at school were mean she doesn't have to call my office or text me to tell me about her bad day.  She knows she comes FIRST.

I am front and center in their lives.

 I am the warmth of a fireplace in a family room on a frigid winter night.  My children gather around me regularly so that I might defrost the chill that comes of living in a cold, cruel world.  I defrost them with my words.  I defrost them with my kissess and hugs.  I defrost them with my humor and support.  But most importantly, I defrost them with my very PRESENCE.

They are my everything.

Our family enjoyed great prosperity due to the housing boom.  We became a statistic when the rug was pulled from under us.

One option to maintain a similar standard of living was for me to work, as well as my husband.

I refuse.

I have done my best to stretch every dollar so I am available to the people who matter most to me in life.

Tragedy to me would be having to work a jealous job and have my little ones be raised by daycare workers making minimum wage and checking the clock every five minutes in the hopes of quittin' time. 

I realize some mothers have no choice.  Some mothers would give anything to be home with their lil ones but MUST work.  I'm sorry for those women.

But there are those women who work long hours because they want to be able to keep up on their beauty treatments and summer cruises.  Their children suffer.  Their children miss their mommies.

I've heard women say, "I work outside the home because the whole-stay-at-home-mom thing is much HARDER."

I'm here to vouche that it is indeed harder.

The ignorant comment above insinuates I don't work.  I have no need to catalogue my chores and responsibilities for you, but let me assure I WORK MY ASS OFF DAILY.

My B.S. is in International Marketing from the very prestigious Marriot School of Management at Brigham Young University.

Don't for one minute think what I have opted to do with my life is easy.

I would LOVE to travel the world and use my many skills and talents to bring home some substantial green.

I would LOVE to maintain the standard of living that became so comfortable to my family and now eludes us.

I would LOVE to leave a flaming bag of dog shit on the doorstep of the Mr. Anonymous.

I realize the life I have chosen is very  Where's-The-Beave-June-Cleaver.

Having to depend on a man to bring home every penny is beyond humbling when I know of which I am capable.

My children know that I would die for them.

But more importantly, I LIVE for them.  I FIGHT for them.


Anyone who would disparage a mother of four for choosing her babies over money is a heartless IDIOT.  IDIOTA!

(Speaking two languages comes in handy often...)