Friday, July 2, 2010

Love Energy: Aphganistan and Alex

My spirit is energy.

Your spirit is energy.

Our spirits are connected. Our energies are connected. I can feel you.

Our spirits with light extend from without our bodies and expand and contract and ebb and flow like the great waters of The Ocean.

The Ocean responds to the powers and laws of The Universe, as do we.

I am afraid of The Ocean because of her potential to harm me. I am sometimes afraid of YOU for the same reason.

But in yoga I am taught that FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE.

God is Love.

Love, with all it’s grandeur and power, fills The Ocean with life. The very waters are subject to the command of Love.

Love, with all it’s grandeur and power, fills ME with light. I am also subject to the command of Love.

I have A Gift. I’ve always had it.

I am able to see people for who they are within moments of meeting them. I can cut to the heart of a human by looking into their eyes and FEELING what is said rather than hearing with human ears.

I am able to feel the divine energy within strangers. I am able to identify the flaws with which they struggle and still Love with all my might.

What is YOUR gift? For you certainly have one. What do you do to contribute spiritually to those around you?

I Pray.

When I pray for the people I Love individually (and there is a long list) I can often connect my energy to theirs in my mind. I can feel them. I can feel you.

Sometimes it hurts. When I feel the pain or anger or despair of those I care for IT HURTS.

Sometimes I know those negative energies are directed at me. When this happens, I Pray to return these negative energies with Love. I pray to SEE where I am at fault. I pray to Forgive and Be Forgiven. I pray to SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE.

Coalition forces killed in Afghanistan topped 100 in June, the wars highest monthly toll and approaching some of the deadliest months in the Iraq war, said USA Today.

We are at war, my friend. We are in a war we cannot SEE. The one we fight overseas has been going on for almost a decade with no clear end in sight. Our boys are dying for our freedom hourly.

The war we fight daily with ourselves, each other and The Powers of Darkness has been going on since the dawn the of time. We are eternal beings in an ugly earthly war that battles for our HAPPINESS.

The leaders of this country cannot agree how to wage this war. Obama has recently called for Unity, yet Vice President Biden has shown doubt in our new General. A dubious leader creates dubious public. Nobody knows for sure if counterinsurgency can work, however; A war cannot be won by such fragmented leadership!

We in, our own lives, cannot win our fight for joy and peace if there is not UNITY and LOVE.

The war across the sea is a war of necessity.  A war from which we cannot afford run or lose.

The war of the spirit is the much the same.

Let go of Anger. Let go of Hate. Let go of Fear.

Hold onto Love.

Surrender and allow yourself to be filled with Love and to fill others with the same Power.

There is a Hurricane afoot that threatens Peace. Alex.

In Louisiana, this Hurricane has already pushed an oil patch toward Elmer’s Island, dumping tar balls as big as apples on the beach. It’s a MESS!

The Ocean, in all her magnificent splendor, suffers at the hand of her external surroundings but there is always the knowledge All Will Be Well. God knows the beginning from the end. The storm will cease to rage and peace will return to her waters.

“The longer a storm spends over water, the more time it has to strengthen,” said NOAA’s forecaster, Jon Gottschlack.

The longer we allow the storms of internal noise, anger and lies to gather over us the more we suffer. The longer we allow ourselves to respond to one another with negative energy, the more we suffer. The less we can enjoy our divine worth and the worth of others. Happiness will elude us.

I have not mastered the skill of keeping internal nor external storms at bay. I constantly War with demons. Yours and mine.

But I can feel you. And if you try you can feel ME.

It is Love that will heal us. If we Love we see the fog of fear dissipate before our blinded eyes. We are filled to overflowing with the Light of Love and Truth that is innately within us all.

The light is in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.