Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"Why do they say BRA all the time?" asked Serena.

"BRA is a derivative of BROTHER.  When there is comradery between men in the polynesian culture they refer to one another as BRADDA or BRA," I replied.

"BRA means, like, BUDDY," said T-Bone.  "I made a new BRA today.  His name is Kade.  He is seven, like me.  We played with worms."

I spent the day at Utah Lake with my husband's high school buddies and their beautiful families.  His buddies all happen to be Polynesian.

We were welcomed in typical generous Polynesian style with hugs, kisses on the cheek and vast amounts of delicious barbeque chicken and steak and wienies. 

I think it's funny when people seriously call hot dogs wienies.  I can't HELP but giggle.  Wienies.  Wienies.  Wieners. I don't think anybody SAID wienies today but people HAVE in my lifetime and I can't seem to behave like a lady when it happens...

"Junior-Boy was CRAZY," they said of my husband. 

I know all about how my husband used to crack dudes square in the jaw and knock them out cold with very little warning.  (I sometimes have to soothe him out of doing that NOW.)

Our male poly friends look like absolute bad asses but are super sweet teddy bears with uber gooey soft spots for their wives and babies.  AND THEY ARE MORMON!

I had a soft spot for their babies too.  I could not WAIT to get my hands on this lil brown angel. 

"Hey Junior-Boy.  Check out your wife with Mikala! He doesn't usually like people.  She's good with kids!" said one Teddy Bear Bad Ass.

I thought briefly about running off with the child.  I asked his 3 year old sis if she would like to come home with me.

"I can't," she said glumly.  "I have to take my medicine."  She proceeded to wrap her arms around me and bury her face in my neck.  I could have died of happiness.

Maya became Insta-friends with Jada.  ( Check out Jada's talented daddy, Cornell, here: The Numbs).

"Hey!  We are dressed the same!  Let's be BFFs!"

Ah, the innocence and humility of children.  Would that I were 5 again...

Although, I DID totally connect with The Wives.

"I really like you!" I said to one of the women.

I just don't know how to play hard to get, I guess.  If I feel it I GOTTA  say it!

Then I rowed a canoe.  I loved every second.

 The only disappointment I faced today was my choice of attire. I look far too fussy.  Not sure what i was thinking here.  (I ended up taking off all my jewelry, silly fanciful flower belt and shoes.  Ahhh.  Better.)