Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid Summer Bottom

It's dance recital time again!  I LOVE IT!  I am STAGE MOM EXRAORDINAIRE!

My girls are doin' several hip hop numbers and A Midsummer Night's Dream Ballet.

I love that play because I once played Helena in a Shakespeare production.  I am sure it will shock you that I was a complete and total DRAMA FREAK. LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE!

I have an obsession with donkeys because I learned about The Birds and The Bees by observing actual donkeys in ACTION.  Also, in the Bible there is an account of a TALKING donkey so it was a spiritual endeavor as well.

When I saw this donkey head on one of the male dancers  I KNEW I HAD to have a photograph with it on my person.

The dancer that wears it is a dance major at the U of A.  I have NO IDEA how one does ballet with an enormous donkey head.  It's really HOT in here and I totally can't see A THING!  I hope he doesn't fall off the stage.  That would be simultaneously tragic and hilarious.

The donkey's name is BOTTOM!  Shakespeare was CLEARLY a genius given this info alone.

Do you like my silver stilleto?  Yes? ....Thank you.

All the little girls are running around in funky 80's costumes.  I'm jealous.  Tomorrow I will also sport an 80's outfit because I don't want to feel left out.

Watch out for my uber 80's look tomorrow!  It will give you something to look forward to because I know this blog I write is VERY important to you.

PS  I realize I look like a TOTAL ASS!  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA  HHHEEEEEEEE HAAAAWWWWWWWWW!  (Donkeys don't actually say 'hee haw'.  It's a lie.)