Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Christmas, Mary

I'll talk to anyone.  People intrigue me.

"Hey Mary!," shouted a homeless man pushing a grocery cart full of aluminum cans.

That man was shouting at me.  Since I'm not scared of homeless men pushing grocery carts full of cans I responded.


"You got some spare change, Mary?"  He scratched his scalp and squinted at me.

"Yeah.  I have two bucks."  As I reached into my wallet he began talking.

"You a good woman, Mary."

"Thank you."

"You know tomorrow is Christmas?"

"Actually, tomorrow is Easter." I said.

He smiled big.  Toothless.  "Naw!  Jesus was born on April 6th!  People is all confused!"

"So it's Christmas Eve?" I asked.

"Yup.  And you got that glow, Mary."

I chuckled.  "What glow might that be?"

"That Virgin Mary glow.  You a Mama, ain't ya?"

I smiled and nodded.

"I could see it right away!  You a GOOD Mama!  You goin' in that grocery store?" he asked.

"Yup.  I'm gonna get some Easter eggs and candy."

"Now ain't it funny to be buying Easter eggs on Christmas?"  he laughed.

I laughed. "Merry Christmas," I said and walked away.

My thoughts regarding this convo:

That was the best conversation I've had all week.  How often do we dismiss people because they look different or smell weird?  Sometimes I smell weird.  Does that mean you dimiss ME?  I mean, I tried this new doederant and it didn't really work so I smell a little ripe.  I'm going to go take a bubble bath with lavender stuff because that's my fave at night.  It's very sexy and soothing.

Also, I think hunting for Easter eggs is kind of a stressfull tradition, don't you?  I remember my heart racing like my life depended on procuring the most eggs possible when I was a kid.  Then the little, aggressive brown kids would knock me down and I'd get sand in my mouth.

I saw that wild look in the eyes of my children as they hunted for eggs today.  They looked positively frantic!  It was survival of the fittest out there!  Hunting for eggs is a barbaric tradition.  I like it.  It will put hair on their chests.  Life isn't easy.  Nobody is just going to hand you an egg!  You have to WORK for your eggs in this life!

My Outfit:

Thought I'd try that whole nude from head to toe thing.  I think it's hot.  My son said, "Aren't you gonna put a shirt on Mama?". 

"This IS a shirt, baby."

"You look naked."