Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Good Egg: Love One Another, Puppies.

My son,Tyson, was given the opportunity to choose ANY person in the elementary school.  He could have chosen one of the cool kids or a teacher or even the principal.  Some kids DID choose the principal to praise.

My Tyson chose his baby sister, Maya.

My heart swelled to BURSTING at this news!

Sweet tenderhearted Tyson stood before Maya's 1st grade class and read aloud what he had written.

With lavender construction paper in hand he read,

Dear Maya
You are a good egg.  That means you are a good person.  Thank you. You are a good person.  Your there for people.  Even me.  Your always there for me.  Thank you so much. You are always fair.  Very silly to. 

You are so generous.  To every body  Also very charming, cheerful and silly. :) Also helpful and funny, You are charming.  People love being around you because you are so nice to everybody. Very very smart. Very loving. ..But hateful to mosquitos.

                            Love, Tyson

My babies are normal children who wrestle and fight. I call the puppies. One will yelp,

"Tyson kicked my head!" or "Maya bit my toe!"

They may cry and carry on for a minute but then I hear the barking, yapping puppies that are Tyson and Maya.

I love to watch them play.

I am so grateful my children love each other so.

They came this way from God.  They are the greatest blessing in my life.

Watching them reminds me of Cain in the Bible.

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

I AM my brother's keeper.  Clearly Tyson is Maya's keeper.  Maya is Tyson's.

In my heart today I am touched. I want to love my brother and serve my fellow man.

I want to find opportunity to lift the hands that hang low.  I want to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

I want to do random acts of kindness, such as my son has done for his baby sister.

We are here to lift and love.

Happy Easter.