Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dance Again

It comes as a bit if a shock.

I am a hypocrite.

Guilty pleaseure:  J. Lo.  (Terribly uncool. I know.)

I can't seem to get enough of the round bottomed diva.  What would it be like to BE a celebrity? What would it be like to be HER? Cameras flashing.  The world watching.  Chefs.  Trainers.  Money.  Couture.  $1000 shoes.  Money. Money. Money.

American Idol to me these days is J. Lo. I don't care much about the singing competition. I can't wait to see what she is wearing.  Makeup. Hair. Nails.  Jewelry. 

If I were a famous artist I would have a similar Latina sexy vibe.  I might sing and dance and wear skimpy little things.  I would live to shock and awe.  My career would be at the top of my list.  It would have to be.  Success comes at a price, you know.

But I am NOT a famous anything.   

Nope.  Instead I am a Mama Bear.

This Mama Bear saw J. Lo's most recent video.  Dance Again.

My jaw dropped.  Orgy.  ORGY!!!  ORGY?!  OH NO!!!  How can I support my Jen when she is feigning fornication with 50 writhing bodies?  (I DID sorta love the part where she is rolling around in gold glitter sand. Muy Caliente.)

And yet by posting a link to her video, I am doing just that. Watch at your own risk.  IT'S HOT. Capable of burning you to your very soul.

Too hot for me to allow my children anywhere NEAR it!

As much as I would enjoy emulating Jennifer's fashion example, I cannot. 

I have daughters.  They watch my every move.  They pay close attention to what I wear, how I talk and the company I keep.  Little eyes are always, always watching.  Little ears never cease listening.

I'm not modest in dress because I am very righteous.  Don't be silly.  I cover my body because that's what I want my girls to do.

How can I reconcile my two minds? 

It is becoming painfully clear every passing day I will never have my own music video in which I roll about in glitter sand.

The best of both worlds, I have decided, is remaining fully clothed and rolling about in playground sand.

My kids think it's funny. Do you see the huge grin on Maya's face?  I'm hilarious.

To them I am a triple threat. I dance for them.  Sing for them.  Put on puppet shows daily for them.  I love and live to entertain them.  To them I am better than a hundred J. Lo's.

It seems I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.

(I will still continue to gawk at Lopez and all her doings whilst I wallow in guilt.)

(I will also smolder into the camera whenever I feel like it and don't you dare judge me.)

Which celebrity do you admire?  Does he/she have the same values you do?