Monday, January 2, 2012

They Will Want To Come Home


I took an Ambien tonight.  It's a vital emergency.  I have been lying me down to sleep at 3am IN THE MORNING every night during this two week vacation from school.  My habit has been to rise at noon-ish.  I have been delighted with the schedule.  DELIGHTED!

But now I must attempt to get back to normal.  I am to awaken my body and soul and senses at 6:30am IN THE MORNING! Tomorrow morn.  Thus, I eat the blessed Ambien, which is meant to lull me into a sound and dreamless sleep.  Ahhhh.

I have missed you so very much my bloggy friends!  I have missed you with my heart and elbow.

Let us catch up on the goings on that occurred in the last few days, shall we?  I am under the influence of a silly drug so I won't remember any of this when the cock crows. Fun!


So my sister came to visit the fam with her new Wisconsin Hubby.  They raise 'em good out there in Wisconsin so far as I can tell.  Ray is a real stand up guy.  I still can't get over how good and sweet and patient he is with Coral's kiddos.  And mine.  He actually loves them and everything!

My two sisters and I gathered all our munchkins together and let them run amuck in the snow of atop Mt Lemmon.

"RUN AMUCK, I SAY, RUN!" I shouted at our little desert rat babies as they slipped and slid through the fluffery snow.

My beautiful niece, miss October toby toblerone was so posh and fetching in her pointy little snow hat.  Looking at her just brings a smile to my silly face tonight.

My Maya meant to do some damage to one of her cousins with the weapon in hand.  Fun for everyone to be had in the form of enormous snowballs to the face or groin.  Ahhh yes.

My sisters and I manned the bantering section.  We warmed the banter seats and bantered as banterers often do.  There were quips and puns galore.  Wish you had been there.

Once the children were plumb tired of our banter and their frozen fingers and bottoms we went to my Mama's house.  The above shot includes my entire original family.

My Mama was once given an important blessing that says that her children would love to come home...

Tis true.  My parents live in the same town I do.  Yet, I packed up my whole family for three days....  Destination?  MAMA AND DADDY'S PLACE!  WOOHOO!

Mama feeds us til we gosh durn pop our bottons.  And we just keep eating.  Cause food tastes yummy and diets will be relevant next week.

We keep eating and laughin' and banterin' and watchin' movies about poopy pie. We laugh some more about poopy pie...  And then we burst into song at the slightest provocation.

"It's like marrying into a musical," my husband explains to Coral's new man.  "You never know when it's going to happen.  You never know what will trigger it  but these girls cannot refrain from singing...even in the grocery store..."

At that point Coral and I randomly belted out "Mama said there'd be days like this...there'd be days like this my mama said..."... harmony and all.  I miss her when she's gone. :(

Coral and I did some serious school work whilst the kiddos played at the park.  Fashion mags are a wealth of vital information.  This ain't no joke.  You see my face?  Am I smilin?  No.  Cuz fashion is SERIOUS, cuz.
 A little girl whom I do not know stepped on my Gucci sun glass and busted them into several unrecognizable pieces.  I am very sad as those were the last $400 glasses I will ever buy.  Let us bid adieu to the end of an era.  A Gucci Sun Glass Era.
 Twist your neck to get the full effect of my trash can pain.

Michelle and I are twinners on accident for the family New Year's party.  So here we pose.  I happen to be in love with my skirt.  It's a special one because of the details on the backside of the skirt.

I happen to be wearing my holiday booty at the moment so this skirt fit quite well.  It will be too big in a month as I return  to my boring rabbit food and running routine.  But as for now, this is my official hoilday booty.

Drum roll please....

All I really have to say about this weekend is that I love my mommy and daddy.  They take such good care of us even though we are grownups and everything.  I enjoy my parents.  I enjoy the spirit in their home as it is a spirit of peace and love.

 I once again find myself marveling at the thought that I am blessed beyond my wildest imaginings.  I don't deserve all that I have.  There are those in the world whose hearts are far more pure and they do not enjoy what I do.

When I grow up I want to be just like my mom and dad.  A compilation of all their individual strengths.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

See ya in the funny papers... or more likely... I'll see ya in the gym. :)