Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daddy To The Rescue

"I need you to sing with me, Dad.  I can't do it alone."

"Yes, you can.  You sound great.  I'll just play for you... Or you can do it  a capella... You were asked to sing a solo."

"NO!  I'll freak OUT!  Those people are SCARY!"

"Honey, you'll be fine.  They are just people.  You don't need me."

"Yeah HUH!  I DO TOO NEED YOU!  Come on!"


"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!"  I drug out the word in a series of  roller coaster dips and peaks.  I whined and whimpered to the best of my ability.  I may have pouted my bottom lip a touch.  I certainly furrowed my brow.

He sighed.

I won.

My daddy sang with me tonight.  I am invincible with my father at my side.

I might could have done a good job without his help.  I might could have choked and cried and completely lost my marbles in front of the Mormons as well.  (I say "might could" in honor of my daddy's southern roots.  Although he is a well educated and traveled man he still sometimes slips and reverts to how he "might could" have done something.  I find it so endearing, ya'll.)

My dad's love is gentle and unconditional.  My dad's for love for his children has been tried and tested.  He has proved himself to be a worthy foe of that Adversary who wishes to destroy eternal family bonds.

My dad has been patient with his children as they have endured trial after trial.  Sometimes the trials have come as a result of our own poor choices.  Other times he has helplessly watched his children be hurt and trampled.

In every instance he has waited with open arms for the opportunity to lift us, sooth us and heal us with prayer and love. He has never left us alone.

Tonight as I sang by his side I had a fleeting thought.  It struck me as if by lightening.

 I have a Heavenly Father. I share Him with you.

 In the infantile understanding of my feeble human mind I see how much I must be Loved by Him who grants me breath.

I see how He has never left me alone.  It is I who have strayed from HIM at times. I am a miserable stray.

I see how I am invincible when I am filled with His Light and Love.

For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.

His love is unconditional.  He waits with open arms to comfort me when faint.

My song is a prayer unto Him.  He fills my lungs with the very air I breathe that I might reach the Heavens with my words of praise.

My earthly father wants nothing from me.  He desires only my happiness.

The same is true of my Father in Heaven. I am that I might have Joy.

Tonight I am filled with gratitude to the consuming of my flesh.  For both of my Fathers.