Monday, November 28, 2011

We Are Lemito And Proud

When I was a toddler I hugged the big, fluffy head of my sister.

"I'm going to marry my boyfriend, Coral," I said.  Then I would kiss that noggin and Coral would blink.

I have made it my personal business to care for this sister of mine.  The wild card sister.  I protect her because she is me.  My sister soul mate. She is the me I might have been but, through the grace of God, did not become. She is the wild things I may desire but refrain.  I am proud of her free spirit.

She knows I have protected her and supported her in every situation.  She asked me to walk her down the isle.  I was honored to do so.

These last two years I have wearied God with my tearful pleas on her behalf.  As the empty life of a single mother of four seemed to kill her slowly, I dropped to my knees oft and prayed for her deliverance from pain and confusion.  Acutely I felt every disappointment and sorrow she felt.  I dreamed her dreams.  My heart ached and my eyes were filled with tears for her often.

Coral is now safe.  Safe in the arms of a wonderful man.  A solid, strong, kind, patient man of 28 who has never been married or had children. He is hers.  Ray.

Ray is a our ray of sunlight. I consider him a true blessing in our lives.  He has taken upon him the daunting responsibility of Coral and her four children. His great love for my sister trumps all.  He is happy to be a part of her family.  So few young men would feel the same.  In fact, I don't know of any.

As Ray said his vows he said, "I love you all".  He meant Coral and her children and the new addition within her.  I cried.

To show our appreciation we sang a special song for Ray.  It is the song my parents danced to first they met.

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?  Would you be my partner every night?  When we're together it feels so right.  Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

I am pleased to brag that I was in charge of getting Coral's children ready for the festivities.  I also was in charge of the bride's hair.  I ironed shirts and curled little girl hair and blushed little girl cheeks and applied lipstick to tiny little girl lips.

I really bonded with these little ones this weekend.  After the wedding we snuggled by a roaring fire and ate Wisconsin cheese and crackers as we watched movies.  The newlyweds were doing their newlywed thing.  Grant (the 14 year old) seemed a bit vulnerable and asked that I sleep with him on a futon both nights I was there.  I was so happy to be a friend to him.

I felt that my very presence was of service.  I was grateful to be of help.  I love those babies of Coral's as my own. I can't wait to meet the new baby boy (we witches have seen him). :)

My mother compared us to Morticia Adams of the Adams family.  We strolled into the humble tavern dressed like vampires in black and red.  We looked sharp and overtly over-dressed.  Very Lemito.

Lemito was a boy of my childhood.  His mother was simple.  She dressed her son in three piece suits everyday before she sent him off to kindergarten.  Lemito also carried a leather briefcase.  He insisted on shaking the hands of every adult in his line of vision.  He would extend his arm in hand shaking position from several feet away and walk with purpose to the person intended to receive the shake.

Lemito's mother would say (in Spanish), "I would never send MY son to school in just shorts and a t-shirt like the other children.  He is special and should dress the part."

Poor Lemito.

"We are Lemito," my mother laughed.

We were indeed dressed differently from the Wisconsin locals in our black lace, crimson lips, black suits and red silk ties.

"I love that we are Lemito," I said.  "I think we look like dark vampires from ancient Spain."

My mother is so beautiful!  It gives me great hope for my own future. :)

All in all I got my cake and ate it too!  It was a wonderful experience.

PS I found a random baby and stole him from his mother.  I am wont to do this as I am always starving for a baby...