Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Never Saw A Guinea Foul Run So Fast!

"I think they're gonna get divorced," says Serena (12).

"They're probably not even MARRIED," says Bella (11).

"With the way they fight I bet they ARE married!"

"Yeah, you're probably right... They're gettin' divorced for sure..."

We are at the zoo.  Watching the zebras.

Male Zebra chases Female Zebra around a man-made watering hole.  He is frisky, he is!  Hot and hippy and hoppy.  She won't have it.

Every time Male Zebra approaches Female hindquarters she kicks him with all her might in his eager face.

BLAM!  Hind feet to the face at every attempt.

"Not very nice!!" shouts Bella.  "Not nice at all."

Male continues to chase Female Zebra at full speed.  She continues to neigh and donkey kick his nose.

After 20 minutes of watching this display Serena states the obvious,

"Yup.  They are DEFINITELY getting a divorce." 

Male Zebra eventually becomes so frustrated he attacks the innocent guinea foul at his feet.  He charges those foul and they escape within an inch of their feathery lives.  They scream and run and flap and fly.

Oh LOVE!  Why must thou torment us so?  We lost and fragile earthlings seek thee, Love! Only to find disappointment and sadness and confusion and hooves to the head...  The lonely people beseech Thee, Love!  What is thy secret?

After my son used Baby Girl's hair as bridle and reigns, we paid a visit to the The Bird Cage Thingy Exhibit Where You Identify All The Birds In the Enclosure Before the Angry Ones Threaten to Peck Your Eyes Out With Their Great Horned Bills.

I found Love once again in action.  Love of the Bleeding Heart variety.

"Oh!  My little friend.  Who has harmed you in such a fashion?!  And why would anyone wound such a lovely creature as yourself?" I ask.

The shy bird coos a soft reply, 

"I loved too much a lady bird.  She belonged to another.  I loved her still.  I thought she could be mine.. She loved me once... but not so now... she is gone... I shall wallow in sorrow all the days of my life... My heart doth bleed for my lady Love..."

Enter: Lady Dove

In a high and gentle coo she murmurs,

"I have come back to you, my Love.  My heart bleeds without recourse at the thought of your absence. I was wrong to love another! Such an love was weak.  My Love for you burns bright and bloody. Can you ever forgive me?!  Come back to me oh Dove of Doves!  Forgive my blindness!  How could I believe there was any other for the healing of my broken breast but thee!"

Each bird kisses and nuzzles the smooth, soft neck of the other.  Their bleeding hearts come together in such a way that one might only attribute it to divine intervention.

How often are the Loves of our own lives brought sparkling before us through unexplained divine intervention?  Despite trials of the past or previous disappointments. Forgiveness is key.  AND WAA LAA!  New Love emerges from the tainted Old Love.

The secret is in the breast of the Bleeding Heart Dove. 

 My Abuelita called me Paloma (dove) when she was alive.  It must be this dove she had in mind.  I am so very impressed God came up with the idea for such a poignant statement to be made on such a very little foul. Well done, I say!  Well done!

The above exhibit features ME.  In my natural habitat,  sorta...  I am texting important things to my Dad about private family matters... Love is spoken here...

Here we witness the giraffes are stable in their Love.  There is no overly-emotional display of affection.  There is no violence to the head or groin.  Peace exists in this exhibit.  Peace and Love.

This enclosure features yet more peace and love and only a minor dispute over who's turn it is to sit in the front seat.  There is a small amount of weeping and wailing.  We dispense with the gnashing of teeth.  Progress.  Love is spoken here.

A lesson regarding Love and relationships can be learned at the Zoo if one pays close attention to the signs and wonders...

  That lesson is:

Never try to feed a lion your snow cone unless you'd rather do without your entire right arm.