Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Nevah Let Go.

If I could pick a friend to talk to and Love and protect and laugh with I would pick Bella.

If fact, I believe we chose each other before the world was.  Eternities ago Bella promised to be my baby in this life.

I promised to lead her and guide her and walk beside her.  I promised to help her find the Way.

Bella turned eleven years old today.  She loves owls, books, skinny jeans, clever graphic tees and writing on the walls of her bedroom. She loves hiding trash under her bed and hugging me tightly at every given opportunity.  Bella loves to Love.  She loves everyone.  She especially loves a boy who will remain nameless.  She is an artist in her soul.  She calms my troubled heart with her very presence.

When Bella was small I would say a nightly prayer asking God for her happiness and safety.  I would then tuck her in bed and kiss her soft brown cheek.

Bella would wrap her tiny arms around my neck and whisper,

"I nev-ah let go, Mama. I nev-ah let go."

I would laugh and tickle her until she let go my neck.

"Will the Tangle Faiwies come tonight?" Bella would ask without fail.

"Yes, my love.  The Tangle Fairies will be here as soon as you fall asleep."

"But why they come at MY house?"  

She knew the answer but asked anyway.

"Tangle Fairies just LOVE little girls with curly hair."

"Like me, Mama?"

"Yes. Exactly like you, baby.   When you are asleep Tangle Fairies sneak into your room and jump onto your pillow."

She always giggled here.

"Tangle Fairies love to slide and swoop and swing from all the curly curls on your head.  They play in your curls all night long.  They play until they are too tired to play anymore.  Then they go home and sleep all day."

"That's why my hai-ah is tangled in the moh-ning, wight?"


"Good thing you buy swpay conditionah!"

"Yes.  Good thing for spray conditioner."

Sadly, Bella no longer believes in Tangle Fairies.  Puff the Mighty dragon has ceased his fearless roar.  But the real magic of my bella Bella still continues to delight me.

I held a party in honor of Bella's eleventh birthday.  I made a pinata with mine own hands.  This is precisely the pinata she requested.  Your wish is my command, sweet Bella Boo!

I kissed him farewell before he was demolished at the hands of thirteen rowdy little girls.

After Mr Pinata Head Man was obliterated I found myself alone with 13 screaming tweens.  We had a ball.  I fit right in.

One of them took the mangled pieces of Mr. Pinata and declared him her husband.

"Hey, AbrahmsMy husband would like some ice cream.  He really enjoys ice cream," said Hannah (who calls me Abrahms, for which reason I know not.)

"You married the battered Pinata Man Face?" I ask.

"Yes.  We are in Love.  He is everything I could ever hope for in a husband.  We eloped."

"I hope the two of you will be very happy together," I said.

Below you can see Hannah and Rivers making out with his remains.

Sadly, Hannah divorced her husband before her parents came to pick her up. Her husband had not properly asked Hannah's father for her hand in marriage.  Divorce was the only logical option...

A wonderful time was had by all.  Bella was so happy to include her very best friends in the celebration of her life thus far.

Tonight I said a nightly prayer with my Bella.  I tucked her in bed and kissed her soft brown cheek.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, "I nev-ah let go," she said in the feigned baby voice she knows I adore.

"I love you soooo much, Bella Boo."

"I love you everything, Mama."

"I love you infinity and beyond."

"I love you a google forever and ever.  Thank you for the best birthday ever, Mama."

Happy sigh.  My work here is done.

Happy Birthday, Bella Rose.  I nevah let go.