Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fish are Friends. Not food.

It is today at lunchtime.  I am sprawled piteously on my couch.  Every muscle aches.  I am achey, shakey, sore throaty and weak in the eyes.

Bella blows her nose loudly and applies hand sanitizer.

The yellow sponge is laughing his laugh.  The one where he laughs.  *cough, sneeze*

"Why is Mr. Crabs so greedy?" I ask.

"Because he wants some money," says Bella through her nose.  "Because he works at some crummy restaurant,  man."

"Oh."  I moan.  "I feel crappy, Bella."

"Me too."

"Me three."


"Bella...   ...If you could be any sea animal in the whole sea and talk and live in Spongebob squarepants land what animal would you be?"

"I'd be Gary."

"The meowing snail?  THAT Gary?  Spongebob's PET? The snail that meows?? Why?"

I don't understand why she would aspire to be a sea sponge's pet.  Not a lofty goal in my mind.

"He never cleans the inside of his shell."

"Gross."  Bella hates to clean her room.  "I would be a shark."


"Because I'm afraid of sharks really bad.  They are in every nightmare I ever have.  I think people should face their fears.  I would be a nice shark."

"No.  You can't be a shark.  'Cause then you'd eat me for a snack."

"Don't be silly, Bella.  Sharks don't eat snails."

What sea animal would YOU be?  Why?