Sunday, June 5, 2011

Playing With Fire

Tom plays with fire.  Can you hear me hollerin'?  I tried to keep it down so as not to hurt your ears.

I love to support good friends.  Tom is one of those. He and his wife, Jada, own a hula group.  They danced tonight at Mr. Pistol's Real Estate party.  My thoughtful man hooked them up with that sweet gig boasting 1000 guests.

Watching this video one would never guess Tom is one of God's warriors.

Tom was my Abuelita's Home Teacher.

For those of you who don't speak Mormon, a Home Teacher is a dude assigned to visit 2 to 3 people from his congregation every month.  He is meant to check in and make sure all is well.  We take care of our own around here.  It's our No Mormon Left Behind Policy.

There are many men who do their due diligence.  Pop in once a month to say How do? There are  many who don't go at all.  (I admit I'm horrible at visiting the women I'm assigned, so I'm not judging here.)  And there are those men who go above and beyond.

Tom didn't visit my grandmother every month.  He was at her bedside every WEEK.  He brought her the Sacrament.  Blessed it.  Prayed with her and for her.

She said his visits were the best part of her day.

I didn't know Tom was her Home Teacher.  He didn't know I was her granddaughter.  We came to the knowledge of these things hours after her death last week.  Tom was at the house immediately to offer his condolences.

He took time off work to put on a suit and pay his respects at her funeral.

While she was alive he comforted those in need of comfort.  After her passing he mourned with those that mourn.

As I watched him dance tonight I was struck by his strength, passion and humility.  I saw him as a mighty warrior with the Spirit of God like a fire burning to the consuming of his flesh.  Holding a torch of Light for those is a dark and dreary world.

Because of his great humility he may hate I'm writing this.  But the gratitude in my heart is overwhelming.  What a great world this would be if more men would exemplify his passion for compassion.

MMMk.  Enough with the goopy, mushy, gooshy stuff.  Let's get serious here.

The second closest chick in the pic above is Tom's very hot, vibrant wife, Jada.  Jada is my good friend.  We had not seen each other in years.  We tend to forget how much we enjoy each other's company.  Well, my friends. I have been reminded!

I'm gonna be super self-indulgent here and say I've met few women who can match my electric hips on the dance floor.  It's just true.

Jada's hips are INSANE.  INSANE!!!!  That girl will make you downright dizzy with her booty fire.

I ain't gonna lie.  Together we were a hurricane.  A force to be reckoned with.  Jada and I TORE UP that dance floor tonight.  Our husbands watched from the sidelines with pride.

I couldn't decide which picture to share with you so I'll just put up a few.  They're all fun.

Check out our dancin' faces in that last one.  Serious as a heart attack.

PS  If any of you in the Tucson area are interested in hiring Polynesian dancers for a party e-mail me.  I'll hook you up! :)  (I'm seriously considering joining their group.)

PSS  If any of you need a Realtor in the Tucson area.  E-mail me.  I know a guy. ;)

PSSS  I hung out at the YMCA pool today.  Forgot to apply sunscreen. Hurts to live. My tummy is scorched.   I'm being punished for exposing it.  (I doubt I've learned my lesson.)