Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Sisters

Michelle is cross stitching.  I am writing.  Coral is cross-legged on the floor making earrings out of feather and wire.

My sisters and I lock ourselves in Michelle's room last night with two enormous mixing bowls filled with watermelon and popcorn, respectively.

We watch the latest Harry Potter and cast spells on the fools who dare defy us.

We joke about men, children, immodest dress and yeast infections.

"It's the yeast you can do," says Coral.  "Rise to the occasion, why don't ya." 

We cackle in unison.

I am in Love with my sisters.  They are Magical.  Sexy.  Wickedly intelligent.  Funny.  Well read.  Creative.  Mine. 

I will shrink them down and put them in a jar and keep them on my shelf so as to protect them from the world at large.  No one will hurt them in my jar.

"Why do people say 'at Large' when someone is at Large?" I wonder aloud.  "If a criminal is caught is he suddenly at Small?  Should news reporters say, 'This just in!  Tony The Tiger has been apprehended.  He is at Small and currently being questioned by the authorities.' ?"

Through thick and thin we stand together.  Michelle is thin.  I tend to be thick by comparison.  Coral is juuussst riiight.  Like Baby Bear in the story of Goldilocks.  I DARE a Goldi-locked Girl to eat our porridge!  We will rip her limb from Goldi limb con la mirada no mas.

We speak a secret dialect.  Movie quotes.  Do all siblings have this in common?

"Oh if I just weren't a Lady what wouldn't I tell that varmit!" says Michelle as Scarlett O'Hara.

"Oh, my sweet Wesley!  What have I done?" I reply as Princess Buttercup.

"That was NOT smart! That was NOT smart!" says Coral as Bob. (What about Bob?)

One of us is constantly breaking out in song, which is far better than breaking out in hives.  We are always, always singing. 

We grew up on Camalot, The Sound of Music and Batman (the one with Jack Nicholson as Joker... still gives me nightmares.  That guy is NUTS!). 

What did you grow up on?  What are your go-to flicks in times of need?

I'll list our biggest hits.

*Practical Magic
*All Dogs Go To Heaven
*Gone With The Wind
*What About Bob?
*The Sound of Music
*The Little Mermaid
*I could go on all day and night.  Your turn.

Do you wish you could enchant your siblings and hide them from hurt and pain?  Would you place them in a jar?  You should probably put holes in the lid so they can breathe.