Saturday, April 23, 2011


I be straight TRIPPIN', yo!  That is to say, I have traveled far and wide today.

I find myself in The City of Sin again this month.  I worry the Easter Bunny won't find me here.  Perhaps he will gets side-tracked at The Bellagio and end up in a fast car with a fast female bunny (of the playboy variety).  He can't handle his liquor, you know.

Do you enjoy road trippin'?  I do.  I simply adore the public facilities.  So EXCITING!  You just never know WHAT disease you'll contract. 

I especially love long road trips with children.  Today was a prime example.  I can't get enough of "MOM! He's TOUCHING MEEEEE!"  or "How many more minutes?"  or  "Quit stealing my material, YOU FOUL PLAGIARIZER!"  (My Bella detests when her siblings tell jokes she invented first.)

To keep the peace I decided to take a motion sickness drug and read aloud to my family.  The only book I had readily available was The Book Thief.   It's about a child book thief in Nazi Germany.  Heavy.  THEY LOVED IT!

I LOVED it!  I got to swear in German, like, a ga-billion times! (I lived in Germany as a small child.  I'm told I was fluent in the language.  The swearing seemed familiar.)

I read aloud for FOUR HOURS!  Have you ever read aloud for that length of time?  My throat eventually become dehydrated. Sand dunes formed and there were camels running amuck.  

All in all, however, it was a pleasant trip.

Have a T-riffic day , ya'll!  And may the Easter Bunny make it to your homes sober and repentant.