Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for MUSIC! (duh)

I am always singing.  ALWAYS.  There is always a song in my soul.  Music soothes me.  Heals me.

Music moves me and makes me move, baby.

If there is a song with any kind of a beat playing in real life or in my head, I gots to WIGGLE.

Wiggle it.  Just a little bit!

Last night I found myself at the local Tilly's.  There was MUSIC.  The dancin kind!

Will Smith's little girl was singin about her hair.  She whips her hair back and forth!  She whips her hair back and forth! 


I was SANGIN' and DANCIN' with wild abandon.

It's weird how people stare at me as if THEY are embarrassed.  PFT! Live a little, my friend. 

The teenagery dude that worked at Tilly's tried to ignore me.  But I wouldn't allow that.  NO SIREE!

"Why you not dancin'?" I said.  "You don't like Willow Smith or somethin'?"

My daughter, Bella, rolled her eyes.  "Oh boy. Here we go."

The kid looked confused.  "Um... I guess I didn't notice the music.  They play this CD over and over, like, all day."

"Hmmm... You should boogie for SURE, then.  Help you pass the time."

He liked me against his will.

Music inspires me.  Makes me cry.  Touches my soul.  Forces my hips to move in a manner that is surely illegal in several states.

PS  Do you love my overalls?  You DO??  Thanks.

I made friends with a sweet gay kid that told me he LOVED my overalls and he himself is looking for a pair that he can cut into shorts. 

"Overalls aren't In right NOW.  But they will be SOON.  And you and I will be all OVER it!" he said.

I'm already there, Son.

I'm glad that even though I'm not cool YET in my baggy denim potato sack, I'm well on my way.

BONUS VID!  More ME!  Not my best vocals here, but whatev!  I'M A LITTLE TEA POT!  SINGING IS FUN! 

I'm doin all kinds of scooping.  I had a Choir director (Bro. Salmon) that use to point at me and shout, "SCOOPING!  YOU'RE SCOOPING INTO THAT NOTE!  FIND. IT!"  Now I scoop out of spite.