Friday, April 15, 2011


I am that Nincompoop of which I speak.

A Ninny, if you will.

Oh!  How can I face you after what I have done!? You.   My closest friends (and also strangers I have never met).   The time is nigh at hand that I will, of necessity, share my blunder.

I must first remind you that I am the oldest child in my original family.  I am meant to be the LEADER of this herd of wild horses.  They are to look to ME, and not I to them, for guidance and direction in this veil of tears.

Out with it then!  I must confess quickly lest you accuse me of Niggling.  I'm no Niggardly Niggler!  NO SIR!  And although niggling sounds like it might be a dirty word, it is NOT.

I was at dinner tonight with my family.  The camera was pointed at me in a demanding fashion.  "Dance monkey! Dance!" said the leering lens.

 I thought fast.

Pretend to eat Maya's head!  Yes!  That is exactly what I'll do.  It would make a lovely shot for Blogland.  Showcase my dark creativity, wild persona and love of children.

SNIP. SNAP.  It is finished.


The picture was everything I dreamed it would be!  I could not have been happier with the results. 

THEN.  Ohhh THEN I remembered... this was NOT my idea.  I STOLE the concept from someone I love dearly.  (How will she ever forgive this trespass?  I shake at the very appearance of sin against her.)

Coral.  My sister.  Flesh of my flesh.  Blood of my blood.  Wearer of my shoes and cute skirts and boots and expensive perfume.  SHE is the genius behind the cranium gobble.

How can I ever FACE her again?!

PS  The last picture featured here is my own design.  Just as cool as Noggin Nibbling, if I do say so myself.