Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elation: Eternal Principle

Elation.  Elation.  Elation.

The very word elevates the Spirit.

What if we chose Elation in every act of life?

What manner of Paradise would we encounter on Earth?

What if we surrendered our sullen gratitude riddled with pride, manifested in shades of gray and muted color, and grasped Elation with her vibrant rainbow of tangerine, scarlet and gold?

I recently heard the true story of a boy who went hiking with his sister. 

The boy's sister was in better shape than the boy.  He found himself staring at the pocket of her pack for many miles.  He became irritated and took action.

The boy reached down and found a smallish boulder.  He carefully unzipped his sister's pack and placed the boulder therein.  He allowed her to become accustomed to the weight before he added another boulder to her load.

Soon his sister began huffing and puffing.

"I need a break," she said as she sat in an exhausted heap.

"Why are you so tired all of the sudden?" he asked.

"I have no idea!"

He opened her pack and pulled out the offending rocks.

"Maybe you shouldn't be carrying THESE around."

The antithesis of Elate is Depress.

Today I helped set up a booth for the family business (named after yours truly) at the SAHBA Home Show.

Perhaps my weight of choice is cinder block.  Heavy.  Rough.  Proud.  Unforgiving.

When I remove the block I am lighter. Happy.  Elated.

Every little thing pleases me to no end.  Childlike wonder encapsulates me. The world is new.  Brilliant. 
I dance a ridiculous dance.  Sing in my euphoria without shame.  Place decorative basins on my head for the sake of inspiring laughter in my serious little sister and her serious husband.

After only a few moments my exhileration becomes infectious.  My serious little sister and her serious husband enter my magical world in spite of themselves.

After setting up our booth our bellies growl and demand Pasta.  (I don't mind being weighed down with Pasta.)

"I am so hungry; I'M RAVISHING!" I giggle.

"You are so SILLY, Crys!"  says lil sis with a loving eye roll.  "How is it we share the same DNA?"

I am ELATED I came up with such a clever joke!  It's funny because the word I SHOULD have used is RAVENOUS.  I enjoy putting the wrong word in the right place and pretending nothing is amiss.

Are YOU ever so hungry you are RAVISHING?  It's quite the predicament. To be Ravishing on an empty stomach.  It takes some doing.  I wouldn't wish it on any decent person, for heaven's sake.

Elation and Pasta are the nectar of the Gods.  Only the truly Joyous and Downright Silly may see their Divine Faces. 

Put down your boulder, Man. 

PS    Any ideas for "F"?  Let's keep it clean. ;)

I would also like to confess I am not Elated at all times.  Sometimes I'm a grump with angry hair.
Also, I accidentally caught 5 minutes of the Dr. OZ show.  He gifted an audience member with a enormous mold of his face/head.  It was made of Wisconsin Cheddar.  Waste of perfectly good dairy, in my opinion.  I love cheddar.  Sharp.