Monday, April 4, 2011

Disenchanted Daisy

"If you can make a girl laugh you make her do anything." ~ Marilyn Monroe

Daisy has been driving me daffy all the day long!  Today is D day, you see. 

She knew I would write about her.  She chattered without ceasing throughout my 10 mile run this morning. (My race is this weekend.)  She whined as I cleaned house.  She flickered lights and slammed doors during dinner.  She rattled off all the answers to children's homework in their ears so it would get done faster.

Spirits with unfinished business can be so DEMANDING. 

This dress makes me HAPPY!  It's so orange-y and sparkle-full! Vintage 1950's JACK BRYAN!!!!! The skirt has an 80" sweep!  OH ME! OH MY!  OH SIGH!  I could twirl and twirl like orange swirl soft serve on a sugar cone.

Daisy wore this dress the night she met Danny.

She ignored him, of course.  He was far too handsome for his own good.  Not to mention she had a Steady.  Neddy.  Neddy was her steady.

Daisy always had a steady.  She charmed young men until they were positively delirious.  Feverish with Love.  Doling out gifts they could not afford.  Drooling like imbeciles.  Discombobulated disasters.

Once a young man was driven to distraction by our darling Daisy, she yawned.  Boredom set in.

Her bright eyes would wander to greener pastures.  She broke countless hearts with merely a shrug.  Poor fools.

Daisy feels it's important for me to pass on her technique when first meeting a boy.  THIS is her very important unfinished business.

I will dictate what she says:

There are 7 tried and true steps. 

1.  always ignore the boy/man at first.  boys/men like to chase. primal instincts.  what lion wants to devour a caribou that has already rolled over?  only a lazy lion.

2. when he comes over to talk to you, tip your chin down and look up through your lashes.  i hope they are long.  boys like that.

3. make sure there is eye contact but then glance away shyly.

4. smile softly.  not too many teeth now.  we are not a race horse.

5. touch his arm.

6. don't let him kiss you

7.  he's yours.

Danny was different.  Danny was bold.

He walked right over and to our dainty Daisy.

"Dance with me."

"I have a steady," she smiled.  "Neddy."

"You're trading up tonight."

"You are arrogant."

"You need an arrogant man. Now twirl for me in that pretty little dress of yours."

She giggled in spite of herself.  Looked over her shoulder to see if Neddy was watching. (Not that she cared.) Gave a quick twirl.

"Gorgeous.  Come over here and dance with me, doll.  You are far too delicious to waste on a dullard like Neddy."

He reached for her hand.  She did not resist.  He pulled her in tight.  All sense of decorum left her. She forgot to tip her chin just so.  She looked him square in the eye with wonder. Her mouth went dry.  Her heart was a congo drum.

"What about Neddy?" she whispered.

"What about Neddy?  His Mama dresses him funny."

To Daisy's great distress she threw back her head and laughed.  Showed all her teeth.  Like a prized Thoroughbred.

Her laughter settled like a pot on the boil with the sudden addition of an ice cube.

Could THIS be love?

She had to be sure.  She reached her hand to his handsome face.  Drew him in.  Daisy kissed him.  Softly.  Gently. 

She felt hot.  Dizzy.  Confused.

Daisy and Danny were married in December.

They had 7 children and thirty-two grandchildren when Danny was diagnosed with cancer of the diaphram. 

He passed away.  Daisy died a week later of a broken heart.

Don't worry.  They're fine now.

He met her on a cloud with a debonair grin and twirled her right through those Pearly Gates.