Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pinky Promise

My niece, Joey, was crying tonight.

Joey: Some people at school think I’m mean.

Me: Who thinks you’re mean?

Joey: Some girls that don’t want to be my friend.

Me: You are not mean, Joey Blue. You are so sweet and kind.

Joey: They said they would be my friends. They made a Pinky Promise. Now they broke that Pinky Promise. It makes my heart broken

Me: Come here, my Love. Listen to me very, very carefully.

Joey: Ok.

Me: I am your friend. One day when you grow up, I will be grown up too. We will be all grown up together.

Joey: We will?

Me: Yes. And when we are both grown up we will be very good friends. Forever! I will be your friend forever and ever.

Joey: Do you Pinky Promise? *extends tiny pinky to me*

Me: I Pinky Promise. And I NEVER break a Pinky Promise. *my pinky wraps around hers*

Joey: *smiles through her tears* I feel better.

Me: I love you so much, little one. You are so magical!

Joey: There is a boy in my school that is madly in love with me…

Me: What’s the boy’s name?

Joey: I don’t remember.

PS  This is not a picture of Joey.  This is me and her sis, Toby.  Patato Potaahtoe.