Tuesday, March 29, 2011


*Crush's name has been changed to prevent undue embarrassment to the 10 year old lovebirds in question

Bella:  Tommy's little sister told me he likes me.

Me:  I know.  I talked to Tommy's mother.

Bella:  So now I have TWO sources indicating Tommy likes me?

Me:  Yup.  Which is good 'cause YOU like HIM.

Bella:  But does he KNOW I like him?  Did you tell his mom?

Me:  I didn't tell.  But Serena did.

Bella:  Oh no.  He knows I like him.  And I know he likes me.  I have to tell my friend, Savanna, about all this.

Me:  Woah!  Don't tell ANYBODY.  He'll get embarrased then he'll be mean to you even though he likes you.  Then maybe he won't like you anymore!

Bella:  What do I do?

Me:  Honey, just act normal. 

Bella:  Uh... ok, I'll act normal... butterfliesbutterfliesbutterflies!

Me:  Butterflies? 

Bella:  Yes!  Butterflies!  Always butterflies when he's around.

Do you remember the first time YOU fell in love?  I do.  Butterfliesbutterfliesbutterflies.