Wednesday, February 9, 2011

X Boyfriends On BF

In the last week TWO x-boyfriends have requested me as friends on FB. 

I'm irritated.

Here's my response in a nut shell:


I have a very good friend who reconnected with her x-boyfriend on FB.  He convinced her he was still in Love with her.  He convinced her to leave her family.  He had  his fill of "catching up on old times." THEN HE LEFT HER!  His pregnant wife took him back.  Her husband did not.  She is still alone with four little ones.

This is not a game, people.

Here's the thing.

If it's an X it means I got bored LONG AGO. 

And also, men and women are not wired to be platonic.  They're just NOT.  WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS! WE CAN'T BE ALL PAL-Y WAL-Y!   We can be careful acquaintenances.  And THAT'S IT! Guess why?  I won't sugar coat it for you. 

Because men think BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES whether the woman is 20 or 60 or short or tall or chubby or skinny.  I DARE you to defy me!

Dude is not requesting me as an FB Buddy because he enjoys my sweet spirit.  Is he? Ew.

Dear Mr X's,

You had your shot.  You came up short.  I don't want you gawking at pics of me and my family and then trying to chat me up at 2am.  Gross.  I'm not bitter or upset.  Not tempted.   Just SOOOOO not interested.