Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Killed My Sister's Dog.

And it came to pass that I slayed my sister's dog. 

And thou shalt not say "oh thou fool" for fear of hell fire.

I was only 1 and 7 years old.  In the reign.

Coral went to Hawaii and left her dog in my care.  Little tiny thing.  No bigger than a pot roast.  She loved Little Dog with all her might, mind and strength.  Slept with it every night.

My brother was in my car with his friends.  I wanted to be the super cool older sis so I drove all fast and crazy and car danced and yelled out the window.  They were impressed.

Little Dog ran up to greet my car as I pulled in.  I was going far too fast.

YIP. YIPE! YIPE!  OH YIP!  said Little Dog.

He ran around in circles for a bit.  Then he just collapsed.  His tongue was sticking out when I went to assess the damage.

Hysteria ensued.  I was no longer cool and impressive in the eyes of my brother's friends.  I was a screaming, crying MURDERER.

I just remembered that story right now. It still makes me feel terrible inside my heart.

 I thought you might like to know I'm a murderer before we take this relationship any further.

Have YOU ever killed your sister's dog?  Or any dog?  How about a cat?  Rat?  Bat? Hat?  You should get a hat box.

This pic is blurry but you can see Coral has forgiven my blunder.

She made me a shirt like the one I often wore in college that belonged to my BFF, Katy.  But THAT one had the neck cut out so that it hung off my shoulder and you could see my colorful bra strap.  Real Classy.  It drove the Mormon boys MAD.

It reads:

Hold me I'm a Fermata.

I love it!!!!

When I wore the college virgin all the boys would pretend they were reading my shirt for a really really long time.

If a boy asked "What's a firmata?"  I would know he was not a Music Person and dismiss him post mortum.  (The man I married turned out to not be a Music Man but It's cool 'cause we make sexy music together anyways.)


And it came to pass that the sister of Crystal begat 2 sons and 2 daughters.

And it came to pass that I drove to visit them this weekend.  And on the third day my normal 13 year old nephew wrapped his arms around me in the kitchen and squeezed me tight and said,

"I needed a random hug from you."


My whole insides got all warm and gooey and melty.


Then I watched Temple Grandin with them. For 2 WHOLE HOURS I translated the movie into Child Speak.

Coral said, "You are so nuturing and gentle.  You remind me of Dad."

And now I say unto you that I felt happy and Loved inside my heart all the day long.