Saturday, February 12, 2011

Full of Love

Love is not Lust.  Love is not selfish. Love is not temporary.  Love is not Mormon.  Love is not Baptist.  Love is not Control.  Love is not even passionate, heated, out-of-your-mind Sexy Time. :)

I've prayed to understand Love.  I've prayed to be Filled with Love.

When I do, my mind expands.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Knock and it shall be Opened unto You.

I want the mysteries and powers of the Universe as my own.  And so I ask.  I plead.  I beg.

Suddenly I feel.

I feel so deeply I can hardly stand it.  My chest burns with the unquenchable fire of Eternity.

When I pray to be Filled With Love I feel all warm and fuzzy in my little heart.  Then my little heart becomes swollen to bursting. 


Everything is brighter.  Lighter.  Happier.

Try it.  With real intent.  Ask to be filled with Love. 

Love is Eternal.  It encompasses all things and all people.

Love fills me like an empty vessel and suddenly all is well.

I'm so Full of Light and Fuzzy Wuzzy Warmth there is no room in the Inn for Darkness.  No room for Sorrow.  No room for Anger or Resentment.  No room for Pain.

Love pushes those mean things out.

Suddenly I am happy for my trials.  I see what they have taught me.  I know I am better than I was.  Stronger.  The world is mine.

My warm fuzzy Love Bubble extends to everything I see and everyone that crosses my mind.  Even you.  Whoever you are.  Wherever you are.

It grows stronger as I pray for the welfare of those who cross my mind.  My parents.  My grandparents.  My siblings.  My children.  My husband.  My aunts, uncles, cousins.  The leaders of our country.  The mailman.  The trash guy.  The cashier at Wal-Mart.  You.

When I become lazy and stop praying the beauty I felt is gone.  Sorrow persists.  Anger rises up quickly. I am slow to forgive.

But I know what I felt.  I know what it takes to win this game of Life.

Love can be more than flowers, candy and a Lusty reward.   True Love can change everything.

Happy Valentine's Day!