Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Birth: Darkness to Light

In the fibers of this cloak and hood is woven a story of evil and good. 

As I held it in my hands for the first time my body trembled violently.  So great was the power, I dropped the cloth.

It was 24 hours before I could get up the courage to place the cloak about my shoulders and cover my head.

Her life flashed before my eyes.

I saw Celeste as a small child.  She basked in the warmth of a loving mother and father.  There were trips to the zoo.  There were hugs and kisses and security.

Things fell apart by the time she was 5.  She fell victim to statistics. She was raised by an exhausted single, working mother while her father began a new family with a younger woman.

To kill the pain of disappointment and loneliness her mother devoloped a severe drinking habit.  Various drugs and men eventually made themselves comfortable in her mother's bed for the duration of Celete's childhood.

 Celeste fell victim to the whims of these men on drugs.

Hatred and Anger consumed her. 

She looked out at the world and saw a frigid, bleek reality.  People were base and selfish.  A mist of Darkness covered the whole Earth. 

She sought meaning in strange places. 

Helplessness led her to find Power.  She discovered a gift within her.  Magic.  Black as night was her magic.

This cloak was given to her by a teacher of the dark Art. 

Spirits swirled about her.  She accepted monies in exchange for the casting of spells, divining the future and contact with those who have gone beyond.

In spite of her gifts, she was an empty vessel of sorrow.

One day she met a man that would change her life forever.

She felt the strength of his Energy the moment she saw him.  She tried to ignore him.  But the magnetic pull was too strong.

Her heart raced as he approached her.

"Excuse me," he said .  "I'm sorry to be forward, but you are stunning!  I never do this... I feel like an idiot... but... would you have lunch with me?"   

His blue eyes pierced her soul.  She fought the urge to scream and run from the vulnerability she suddenly felt.

You will love this man. 

Fear coursed through her veins.

She accepted his offer.

When their food arrived he said,

"I hope you don't mind if I bless this food before we eat."

"Are you some kind of Jesus freak?" she asked.

He smiled,

"I suppose you could say that."

Then he prayed.

He thanked God for the food before them.  He thanked God for the beauty of the Earth.  He thanked God for Celeste and her very presence at his table.

The final words of his prayer burned Celeste's heart with a Power she had never before felt.

"Lord, my heart is broken and spirit contrite.  Allow me to be an instrument for Good in Thy Hands.  Thy Will Be Done...".

The selflessness of these words astounded her.  Against her own will Celeste was enveloped in Light and Warmth.  The empty vessel of her soul was filled for a moment.

He opened his eyes and smiled.  His smile was Peace and his eyes were Strength.

She cleared her throat.  "I should warn you.  I am a Witch."

He laughed.  She heard True Magic in his laugh.  She wanted more of this Holy Man in well-worn jeans and a T-shirt.     

They talked for hours.  She found his Power to be as great as her own. 

It was over a week before she knelt down and attempted to pray to his God.

She wore her cloak, as old habits die hard.

As she opened her mouth to pray the Spirits were angered.  They spun about her in a frenzy.  They dove down her throat, preventing words from escaping.  Pain filled her every fiber.  She screamed in agony.

Celeste thought of the man she now Loved.  She crawled to her phone.

When she heard his voice tears filled her eyes.

"Please help me!  They will kill me.  They will rip me limb from limb."

He found her in a writhing heap on the floor.

He placed his hands upon her head and called upon his God. The Powers of Heaven were awakened on her behalf.  A great battle was waged for her very soul.

He rebuked the Evil that sought to destroy her precious spirit. His voice was solid.  His hands were steady.  He placed his trust on The Rock of his Redeemer. 

Though they walked through the valley of the shadow of darkness he Feared No Evil.  Demons and darkness had no power over him.

A blessing of peace and light was pronounced upon her head.

The close of this blessing found them both spent.  Exhausted.  Free.

Celeste reached a weakened hand to the face of her Love.

"I love you," she said simply.

She gently guided his mouth down to meet hers.

Their unborn children and Angels in heaven celebrated the kiss with triumphant harps and song.

The cloak was given to charity.


May we all have faith in the Power of New Birth within ourselves and those we Love in the coming year. 

May we believe in Miracles and the Healing Power of Love.

Happy New Year!