Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lady Killer/ Entrepreneur

"All we ever dooo is say goodbye... Oh alll we ever do is say goooodbyyye...", sang T-bone soulfully. 

We were in the car.  I was listening to John Meyer's latest album.

"I love this song, Mama.  These are my favorite words," he said.

My seven year old son is a die hard romantic. 

I'm not happy about it.

I can attest to the fact that reality is far too harsh on a serious Romantic.  Cold hard truths are painful to people who live and love in a world of bluebirds and rainbows.  I loathe the thought of some little TRAMP breaking his tender heart.

There is nothing I can do.  I know I can't stop the course of destiny.  I can't stop crushes and Love.  I'm bracing myself for a rocky future with this kid.

Here is a conversation I overheard during our Christmas visit at my sister's place between T-Bone and his beautiful cousin, Joey-Blue.

Tyson:  Oh my gosh, Joey!  Your skin is SOOOO SOFT!"

Joey (short for Norma-Jo) giggled.

Tyson: Really, Joey!  How did you get your skin so soft?

Joey:  My mom feeds me lots of healthy food.  ...Like bagels in the morning...

Tyson: Well it works GOOD!  I have never felt skin so soft as YOUR skin... 

Joey (batted her lashes and smiled) : I also wear lots of lotion when I get done taking a bath.

Do you see the look of infatuated elation on Joey's face?  My boy is smoooooth! He's obviously not immune to HER charms either.  My sister and I will have our hands full one day.  Sigh. 

Luckily, T is not a one woman man.

Today my daughters were sharing the long list of little girls who have a crush on my boy.

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"Because they tell us!" said Bella.

I shook my head.

"Do you have crushes on any of these little girls, Tyson?"  I asked.


"Which one?"

"All of them.  I just like girls."

He gave me a winning smile.  My heart melted. 

I have a crush on him too... :)


Menudo is a Mexican soup eaten on holidays like Christmas and New Year's by Mexicans and gringos who marry Mexicans.

This is a pic of my own personal bowl of Christmas Menudo.

My dad is a Menudo eating Gringo that married a Mexican.  He used to HATE the stuff.  Now he eats 4 bowls in a sitting with gusto. 

That's my dad.  I think he is super handsome and charming.  He's got a Southern Accent and plays the guitar and EVERYTHING!  He was raised on a Dairy Farm which is why he likes milk bottles.  One time he got locked in the milk truck when he was little and almost died... but I'll you that story a different time.

This year he thought he would educate his grandchildren by bribing them into expanding their culinary horizons.

"I'll pay any child who eats  one bite of Menudo a whole dollar!" he said.

"Ewwww! I hate Menudo!" said one child.

"Yeah!  It smells disgusting!" said another.

"It's made out of COW GUTS!" shouted another.

Then they all began to chant  "COW GUTS! COW GUTS!  MEXICANS EAT COW GUTS!"

My mother was rightly offended by the chanting and rebuffed them all into silence.  They recieved a stern lecture regarding the Ignorance and Disrepect displayed in regard to Cow Guts soup.  (It's tripe in there, ya know.  I happen to LOVE it.  I LOVE COW GUTS!)

"I'll try the soup," said Tyson bravely.

"YOU WILL?!" My father was delighted.

"If I eat a hundred bites can I have a hundred dollars?" asked the 7 year old Entrepreneur.

My dad laughed.  "I could go broke real fast that way, boy.  I'm offering One Dollar."

A dollar is a dollar.  He tried the soup.

Then he devoured the entire bowl.  We all applauded my little green-eyed Mexican son.

He came over to me later and confided in a whisper, "At first I was only doing it for the money... But now I really like Menudo."