Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lil Country Girl: Amazing grace

In a dot on the map is a little town obscured by trees and Love.  Small Town, South Carolina.

In that little country town lived a little country girl.

Country Girl LOVED to sing.  She sang as she swung on the front porch of her grandmama's house.  She sang as she walked barefoot through dusty country roads. She sang as she caught fireflies in a jar for her little brother.

She sang all day long and sunshine lit her way.

She always saved her best singing for Jesus.  When she sang praises to Him in the church choir she knew He could hear her.

Before she went to church she always prayed,

"Dear Lord, I am just a simple country girl.  I got nothin to offer the world but the music in my heart.  Help me to sing good today so my Mama and Daddy can be proud of me.  Help me to sing good so people will feel Your love like I do...   ...I know you can hear me, Lord.  I just know it.  Amen"

And people did feel Love as she sang.  People wanted to be better and kinder and more gentle after hearing her sing.  Witnessing True Love can do that to a person.

The song of the righteous is a prayer unto the Lord.

God heard Country Girl's prayers and sent blessings to rest upon her head.

The notes she sang floated from her pretty mouth and straight up into the clouds like helium balloons for angels.

Her voice was rich and clear and sweet like sun-warmed honey.  Her words flowed in charming Southern Style like a slow moving train making its way through lush valleys and mountains. 

This was her favorite dress.  She wore it to church every week, when the weather was nice.

Vintage.  Handmade.  I paid $14.

Country girl had 5 sisters who were always trying to borrow her things without permission.  She didn't mind as long as they left this dress be.

One day Country Girl led the choir with a solo.

"Amazing grace... how sweet the sound... that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now I'm found, ...Was blind but now I see...".

Love filled her whole body and tears flowed from her eyes.  She never wanted to let this Love go.

But as Country Girl grew older she drifted from church choirs, checkered dresses and running barefoot in the grass.

Sometimes beautiful, well-behaved country girls need to push some boundaries as they muture . Discover who they really are. Fall In and Out of Love and then back In again.   Make a few mistakes. Live. Live. Live.

Country Girl became a woman before she knew it.  She became a mother. 

 No one escapes this life without becoming intimately acquainted with The Darkened World and the confusion, sorrow and pain that is so easily besets us all.  Country Girl found more sorrow than she could carry.

Country Girl cried bitter tears.  She floundered and searched for happiness.  She wondered at the meaning of it all.  She Loved her children and did her best by them all alone.

She had stopped singing.

God was lonely without her.  So He sent an angel to whisper in her ear.  She was reminded what she once knew.

She had searched high and low to find who she really was. 

She discovered The Lil Country Choir Girl peering at her in the mirror with a simple smile and simple faith.

Slowly her saddened heart filled with light. 

She began to sing.  Softly at first.  Then she sang with the fire of God in her soul.  Small Town, South Carolina heard her song and came to be a witness to this mighty change of heart.  (Even her brother who lived in Tucson, Az came to bask in her Light. ;)

The song of the righteous certainly is a prayer unto The Lord.

"Amazing Grace... how sweet the sound... ...I once was blind but now I'm found."

The End

I'm a huge fan of this dress!  Im so tempted to paint freckles on my cheeks and wear two teeny pony tails with big red bows!

Aren't you just DYING over the fullness of the skirt!  AHHHHH!  So super presh I wanna scream!
My expression is retarded in this pic though... Seriously.
It's supposed to have a belt cuz of the empty belt loops, but I haven't found one I like.  I may just go with a thick black satin ribbon.

I wore it tonight with a black leather jacket so people wouldn't think I was all Little House on The Pairie.  The jacket toughens it up, don't ya think?  I look like a I belong on a freakin' Harley now.


Btw, I am TOTALLY into American Idol right now!  are you?  We should watch together!  (But you gotta stay at your own house unless you bring snacks.)  I WANNA BE JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!! I'm obssessed.