Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crying Shame

"I was TOTALLY BAWWWLING!"  I said to my Dad this morning regarding the Giffords Memorial Tragedy last night.

"YOU?!" he said with an affectionate chuckle.  "No!  Not YOU." 

I can't be sure, but I BELIEVE he was being SARCASTIC!


I didn't used to cry hardly ever.  I was a constipated cry-er.  It's like i really WANTED to cry, but I just couldn't squeeze out the tears.  You know how it is...

I tended to mock women who got  all sappy.

Like, at church when women got all emo over their strong testimonies regarding where they went on vacation I always scoffed in my head.  And when Coral and I were teens we would actually take bets and count the seconds as to how long it would take before certain Cry Babies let the waterworks flow freely from the pulpet.

Awful.  I know.

But also hilarious.  You must admit.

My mom taught through example to mock women who cried.  But we were also taught that crying men were Noble and Heroic.

Now I'm totally cool with Cry Babies!!  I have matured.  I am VERY sensitive now to the Emotionally Unstable.

I always feel a bit of panic when folks are FIXIN' to cry.  The anticipation stresses me out.  But once the cying starts I am VERY supportive and lovely.

Like I said,  I used to NEVER cry!

Now, however, after a rough year.  I cry ALL THE TIME!  Happy.  Sad.  Uplifted.  Hungry.  Sexy.

I think my crying is sexy and feminine though. I dont make a bunch of weird faces and noises.  I have mastered the fine art of silent, straight faced tear flow!  I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

I DO wish I could cry without my nose running though!  Dont worry.  Im working on it....

PS  This post is all crazy because i am a big girl now and have a REAL LIVE JOB TWO DAYS A WEEK that my parent's gave me!  I am on my LUNCH BREAK!  Can you believe how EXCITING this is?!  I HAVE A LUNCH BREAK!!!!  (I will do a special post soon to fill you in on my new job so you can be proud of my work ethic.)

PSS  I got a super nasty anon comment that was really meanie-meanerson!  She was just AWFUL!  i deleted her from my life.  She dared to say that my heartfelt blog "BE TRUE" was a joke because I post a lot of pics of myself.  So today I will PROOooVE I can write without posting pics of ME.  (Im having withdrawls because I know you're used to SEEING what I'm up to.)  She acted all righteous because she has read Life Everlasting but I think she is possessed with Demons.  Contention is of the Devil.  Duh.