Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fur Real

I've got this amazing Vintage Elum Rabbit Fur Coat.

I'm dying to go Vintage shopping but I'm broker than the ten commandments.

I've gotta sell something.  I'd sell my soul but it's glued on pretty tight these days. 


I need your expertise in this important matter.  I trust your judgement.

Should I sell my Bunny coat??

I'm simply wringing my hands over this issue. 

You think I'm a Tiny Wood Land Animal Murderer, don't you?!  DON'T YOU?!

Let me assure you that I am in NO WAY a Bunny Killer.  This is a VINTAGE coat... MEANING these Rabbits would have been dead ANYWAY by the time I came along.  NOW they can be displayed with pride!  Thumper and his family can live on!  (Thumper was Bambi's BFF, FYI.  He was ADORABLE!  He is STILL adorable... as a coat.)

I would NEVER purchase a BRAND NEW fur coat!  What kind of MONSTER do you think I am?!

OH NO!  You think I'm cold blooded, don't you?

Are you a Vegan?  No?  Do you wear leather belts and shoes?  Yes?  Do you enjoy Chicken Wings?  Steak?  Rabbit Fur coats?  Yes. Yes. Yes!

Mmmmk then... PIPE DOWN.

So there you have it.

Should Thumper stay or should he go?

If he stays I promise to tell you the story about his previous owner.  I'm sure it's a good one. 

If he goes I'll surprise you... You know how you just LOVE surprises!!

PS  If you throw red paint on me could you at least do me the favor of snapping a pic so I can blog on it?  Thanks.

Oh and... no PETA links please....