Thursday, December 23, 2010

Angels and Wise Men.

The Nativity Story as told by my tiny Wise Man, Tyson (7).

Umm Mary and Joseph were walking for miles and miles and they knocked on a whole bunch of people's doors.  and the VVERRRRY last person said, "There's no room in here, but you could stay in our stall."

They had no crib for his bed. His bed was made out of hay and wood.

There were sheep, goats, bulls and camels and donkeys.

Ummm and then Mary had Jesus.

 And a star shined. They knew that the Lord is coming. 

All three wise men gave Jesus gold, cologne and money.  And the shepards bowed down to Baby Jesus.

Mary was so happy that she had The Lord.

I'm all misty.  The last sentence makes my heart swell.  Mary is my favorite part of the story. 

There is nothing like the love of a mother for her child.  All the trials of life fly when there is a little one in the arms of his mother.

Having my children home from school is the best gift anyone could ever give me.  It is not lost on me that these are the days I will remember forever.

Messy house.  Christmas lists.  Excitement for Santa.  Snuggly babies in my bed first thing in the morning.  Sugar cookies. Blind faith in the power and majesty of Baby Jesus, Angels and Kings baring gifts. 

Oh... great!  Now you made me cry.  Thanks a lot!

Here are Tyson and Maya's Christmas lists. 

Maya (6):

"I would like for Christmas Wheelies and a DS.  And bracelets and a new scooter 'cause my other scooter is too small. And a Zhu-zhu Pet. 

Tyson says:

"I want a shoe called Wheelies and a T-shirt.  Sherrif Woody.  Army Men.  A Basket ball.  A phone. A hoodie.  That's all."

Merry Christmas, Er'body!