Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smelly Stuff (as per request)

"Mmmm... smell good...," said my brother, Joe, as he caught a whiff of my pefume.

I happened to be wearing Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf.  It's warm and contains notes of Bergamot, freesia, orchid, tea and patchouli.  It is my fave at the moment.  I also love Coco Chanel Mademioselle and Miss Dior Cherie.

I hug and kiss my babies every night as I tuck them in bed.  One of them will inevitably inhale deeply and say, "mmmm... you smell good, Mama."

I live for that kind of crap. 

When people think of me I want a pleasant scent to linger in their minds.  My worst nightmare is for someone to catch a whiff of B.O. and think of me.

I used to wear Vera Wang to church. One day Maya sat on my lap and said, "You stink."  I have not worn it since.

As you can see, I am dangerously close to running out of my favorite perfumes.  Recessions are not pefume friendly. 

As you can also see, I have four little Mexican dolls in my closet that are by no means voo-doo dolls.  I bought them in Mexico City to represent each of my chil'rens.  I suppose I could use them for voo-doo dolls if my younguns misbehave... I could start stabbing the dolls with pins if the kids sass me. I might.  I'm a huge fan of creative parenting.   

The psychology of scent fascinates me.  Scent is a time machine.

A slight whiff of something familiar can take you back in time.  You immediatly relive whatever you were doing when you originally smelled the smell of the particular smell you are smelling.

When I smell cow dung I am whisked back to my childhood in Mexico.  Baby vomit makes me nostalgic.  Old Spice reminds me of a bad date I went on once.

I had some awful, nasty experiences when wearing that Prada perfume.  I hate it now.  It was crazy expensive. I bought an enormous bottle.  Ah well.

The perfume I am spritzing on my wrist is from the magical island of Capri.  It's a'ight.

I'm always up for new scents.  What's YOUR fave.  Which perfumes do you hate?  (It's ok if it's one of the ones I own.  I won't be offended.  But I WILL think you have bad taste...)

I like smelly lotions too. 

During the day Creme Brulee is a crowd pleaser.  Delicious.  Makes me wanna take a bite out of my own arm.  I bought that enormous vat o' body lotion at Marshall's for $10.

Creme Brulee lotion seeps into my pores and when I run I sweat sweet.  For reals.  But I must shower within a few hours of a run or the sweet sweat smell turns on me and become Eau de Stank Funk, which nature supplies free of charge.  Pleasant.

My nighttime/comfy smell is Lavender.

Lavender is special.  In the Bible it is referred to as Spikenard.  Mary washed and perfumed the feet of Jesus with ointment of Spikenard.   Many Christians hung a cross of Lavender in their houses to ward off evil.

 Also, ancient Egyptians used Lavender in the mummification process.

In addition, I read in Cosmo that men like it.

The rose lotion fab.  It's considered an old lady smell but I dig it.

"Mmmmm.... smell good!"