Thursday, November 18, 2010


"I want a dress that says 'It's my Party. I'm 23.' ,"  said Bondy.

Bondy is my beautiful cousin.  She is passionate, unpredictable, sweet, smart, funny, crazy and single.  (She has a great boyfriend, but she's not married.)

It was my pleasure to show Bondy the ropes of Buffalo Exchange.  She was seaching for a fun party dress for her 23rd b-day fiesta, which will be hosted by our other cousin, Alex. 

I don't get to go to that party.  It is for single party animals only.  FINE!  I won't bring my famous 7 layer dip then!!  That'll show 'em! 

Before we continue I must discuss her name.


Bondy is not pronounced "bon-deee".  It's more like "bone-deee".  But you gotta say "bone" with a Mexican accent.  The "nnnn" sound should be soft.  Your tongue should gently graze the roof of your mouth on the "nnn".

Let's say it together, shall we?


Hmmm.  That was a poor effort on your part.  Practice and get back to me.

Cracks me up that you were ACTUALLY touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth!  DO YOU SEE HOW POWERFUL I AM?! 

Bondy is short for "albondiga" which means "Meatball".  She was a chubby (adorable) baby. The nickname stuck.  She likes it.  Bondy's REAL name is Rosalina.

Rosalina ended up with two great dresses.  The one with the pattern was $10.  The other was $blah-teen.  I can't remember the exact price.  $13 maybe?  Whatev.  TOTALLY screamin' deal.  AND SHE LOOKS HOT!

Her man will be all like, "DAMN, GIRL! COME TO PAPI, MAMI!"

She will feel like a million bucks in her $10 dress 'cause she could wear a garbage bag and turn heads.  Boys like Bondy. 

After shopping we went to a pizza joint on Tucson's very cool 4th Ave. 

We chatted for hours about EV-ER-Y-THING! 

I was like, "BLAH BLAH (something totally inappropriate) BLAH.  HAHAHAHA!"

Then she was like, "BLEE BLOO (something truly scandelous and blush worthy.) BLAH. HAHAHAA!"

It's wild to talk to a single person with lots of insane, dramatic stories. 

I can't decide if it's harder to be single or married.  What do YOU think?  (You rarely tell me what you think, but I'll be polite and ask anyway...)

I have a lot of cousins.  My mom has 7 siblings.  My dad has 8 siblings.   Each sibling had over 10,000 children.  You do the math.

Tonight I was struck by how similar Bondy and I are.  We hardly ever see each other but I see me in her.  I GET her.  We talked about very serious, eternal types of things and easily transitioned to moronic x-boyfriends and pizza toppings. 

I'm super grateful to have such an amazing fam!

In other news:

I have the main singing part in the Women's church Christmas Thingy. Rehersal Sat morning.  I have come down with a cold.  Losing my voice.  Sucks.  Nyquil is my friend.  Dayquil is my other friend.  I am training for a marathon.  I was chopping veggies and peeling potatoes at 10:30pm for crockpot pot roast.  What a crock. *cough*