Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

I'm like Stewert. In this clip he even has a pistol and is wearing boots and eats Oreos by the handful. (You don't have to watch the whole thing.  It's long.)

Hey everybody! Look what I can do!!!


I never in a million years thought I'd be sewing for money. I always sewed because I wanted my home to be fancy and custom and unique and snooty and snotty.

NOW, however, I have learned a little something called HUMILITY.

I tie scraps of fabric on my head to look the part of a down trodden Cinderella.  I don't even have on any make-up!  I know, right!? 

I burn the hell outta my fingers with a hot iron.  And after a long day of cooking and cleaning for my family (last night I made fresh chicken soup for dinner) I sew until I think I'm going blind.

Last night I thought I would be completely done with the white linen project but come morning I realized I had begun to sew like a drunk.  Very swervy and curvy.

It's ok.  I'll fix it tonight and hand it over to my client tomorrow.  I feel like I've given birth and must surrender my child to a stranger. 

They will never know their fancy linen has my blood literally sewn into the seams from all the pin stabs. I will be with them in spirit, which is not at all creepy.


I've decided I'm doing this.  Ya want fancy schmancy bedding and drapes with my blood sewn into the inner recesses of your duvet cover?  I'm yur gal.

Hook me up with a picture and fabric (or just a picture) and CASH MONEY.  I'll be your personal Cinderella. 

Howz THAT for humbling?

Look what I can do.