Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Made Love

I've prayed for Love to fill my every cell.  I've prayed to have the Spirit of Christ expand my awareness and help me to reach a higher level of spirituality.

Once God decides to give you the light and knowledge you have asked for... you're in trouble!

He will hold you to it.

I prayed to be filled with Love no matter what the external circumstances. 

Tonight I completed my sewing project.  I have spent many nights in the last couple weeks behind the machine.

I discovered something unnerving.  Here it is:

When I am happy and progressing well in the project, I feel joy.  I feel peace and the kind of joy that can only be described in terms of light.  All goes well with my project.  The angels guide my needle and thread properly.

When I find myself angry or inscenced or ungrateful everything goes wrong.  Needles break.  Zippers are sewn on backwards, and fabric is cut wrong.

I have to take a step back and breathe.

"I'm sorry." I whisper.  "I'm sorry I was upset.  Please fill me with The Spirit of Love so I can accomplish this task."

When my heart is in the right place all goes well.  

Looking upon my finished product I realized I had made Love.  I Made Love here.

The comforter I constructed from raw materials reminds me of us.  The sum of the it's parts pale in comparison to the worth of the finished product.

We are connected in Love.  Without love we would all cease to be.  And when all is stripped away from our frustrated selves there is only Love.

The comforter is us. My prayer has been answered and I've been given the knowledge deep in my soul we are connected.  We are connected in Love. 

You are one bolt of fabric and I am another and that chick down the street is the thread.  We need everyone to contribute.  Upon completion we see the possibilities.

I don't want you to just read these words.  I hope that you meditate upon them and pray in a quiet place and find The Love that is in us.

I made love when I made this comforter.  A married couple I don't know will dream beneath it.  They will experience the tangle of bodies necesssary for phsysical gratification but it is my prayer they experience the enmeshed souls that fly above reality as Love takes hold.

What a beautiful opportunity I have been given in sewing such a special article.  In the future I will sew blankets for people who will fall in love and fill the bed with heated passion.  I will sew for mommies cuddling a newborn.  I will create comfort for retired couples who are content to hold hands and chat beneath the warmth.

God has given me Love like I have never had it before.  With that love comes great responsibilty to those around me.  It seems I can't gossip about anyone who has gossiped about me.  I become ill.  I can't tell a bold faced lie anymore.  I become weak and sick.  I have been raised to a higher degree of accountability.

Love has become my kryptonite.