Monday, November 22, 2010

Expect Miracles

"I want my mom," I said aloud today.  I was alone in my bed shivering with chills and moaning with body aches.

I stared at my phone.

It rang.


I haven't talked to her in over a week.  She had no idea I was sick.  And yet the Power of Love connected us.

Baby miracle. Tender mercy.

"How long have you been sick like this?" she asked.

"Four days."

"Why did you not call us?!"

"I don't know."

But I DO know.  I didn't call them because I don't want to humble myself and need anybody.  I want to be The Giver.  Not the The Weakened Taker.

(My husband has done a marvelous job of caring for me and my lil ones, which has inspired both gratitude and guilt. My internal dialogue insists,  I should not be sick.  I have failed in some way.  I am not doing my job.)

My mother lives an hour away but immediately made me fresh chicken soup and had my father drive her to my home.

I felt safe and comforted to have my little family and my parents under one roof.

They left.  My family is asleep.

I find myself searching my soul.

Why was I not surprised to have the prayer of my heart answered within 2 minutes?  I knew she would repond. 

I expect The Power of Love to bring miracles in her wake.

I expect miracles daily.  Why?

Tonight I have discovered through quiet contemplation that I expect Miracles because I humbly  have Faith in them.  I have to ask "pretty, pretty please, God?  Please don't keep me in the dark.  I wanna KNOW.  I wanna SEE."

I am the first to admit I am proud.  I don't ask pretty, pretty please of ANYONE.  Pft!  Are you KIDDING ME?  YOU ask pretty, pretty please and I'll think about it...

Clearly, humility is a skill I work on constantly.

I have come to understand miracles are merely the natural results of God's presence among man.  They are absolutely everywhere.  But the proud can't see them.

Miracles are visible manifestations of an invisible power.   God's power.

Anyone can experience the Invisible Power of God.  Anyone who dares awake from the sleep and forgetting of this life can be open to the grandeur of the Cosmos.  Anyone who cleans up his life and gets on his knees in deepest humility can see The Unseen World.  Anyone.
I believe as my Faith in The Divine increases I will experience greater miracles.  I will see things poets witness in dreams.  These things will be mine for the taking if I seek them humbly and diligently. 

I went 4 whole days without my mother's fresh chicken soup because I did not want to humble myself and call her.  I waited until she was prompted by my distressed energy and the power of Love. 

I needed my parents.  I wanted the comfort they could provide but I resisted.

I find I do the same with God.  I resist Him.  Resistance only makes me sad and miserable. 

When I allow humility to take over and say, "Thy will be done," I am given everything my Spiritual Self can handle.

Humility is Chicken Soup For the Soul.

(Man, that the cheesiest ender I have ever come up with!  Ack!)

Aside: I realize mommy blogs are supposed to be upbeat and silly.  I clearly write whatever I want without worrying about appealing to a broad demographic.   My spiritual musings are just as much a part of me as dancing with a toilet brush in my bathroom.  I'm glad you're along for the ride. :)  I'm always shocked to see how many of you read this stuff.  Thanks for your support!