Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Not A Witch. I'm You.


Would you vote for this woman?

Be fair.

Think about it.

Witchcraft is Real, as far as I'm concerned.  Yes. I am superstitious.

 My mother used to scare me by telling me the devil was sleeping in my bed when I stole stuff from my friends or the grocery store...  I was SURE he was there... breathing down my neck... Laughing in my ear... whispering, "You stole that Bubble Yum and noooowwww you are MINE!"

My grandmother scared my mother with the Devil and her grandmother before her did the same.  I come from a long line of scare tactics... It works.... sorta.

I have all kinds of faith in demons and minions and witches.  Seriously.  If I don't mind my p's and q's they wait  for me at night in the shadows.... BOO.  Happy Hallooweeeeennn, Sucka!

There must be opposition in all things.  Light. Dark.  Joy.  Sorrow.  Good.  Evil.  God.  Satan.

Just as I have felt the Light of God in my heart I have felt The Other.  It's a pretty icky feeling.  I'm sure you know what I'm saying here.  We've all felt it.

 So... our Republican candidate for Delaware brings up a great point.  We have all made mistakes in our youth. (Even if you made a mistake yesterday you were younger then... so it may be considered your youth...)

I mean, she says she didn't actually join a coven, so that's a plus.  But she did have her first date on a spooky alter. So that's a minus.

I'm a bit nervous about the whole "I'm You" thing.  Do you remember that Nut, Laura, that was posting stuff here on my blog and wanted to be my very best friend and then posted a pic with a gun to her head?  Well, Laura said, "I'm You..." to me.  Yikes.

Sometimes I think monsters are under my bed in a covert opp of secret combinations. So in the night when I turn off the light I make a run for it and LEAP to safety.  You think I'm kidding...

Think about the mistakes of your youth.  Would you even vote for you

People can change, ya know.  People DO change.  It's a nasty, awful, painful climb to pull one out of the rabbit hole once one has fallen in... but it is possible...

Could you forgive her misdeeds and put her in office?

Just wondering.